A Novel Strategy Combining the Benefits of an Original Vegetal GcMAF with the Benefits of Hemp Fermentation and the Presence of a Unique Array of Probiotics and Phages

Talk from Autism One 2020 given by Dr. Marco Ruggiero

The product described here, Edestiny, is available here

It is well assessed that Gc protein-derived Macrophage Activating Factor (GcMAF), an immune stimulant molecule, shows promising therapeutic efficacy in autism thus highlighting the role of the immune system in the disease. It was also recently demonstrated that fecal transplant reduces the symptoms of autism thus underlining the role of the gut microbiota; fecal transplant involves transfer of phages that constitute an abundant form of life of the microbiota and contribute to its immune modulating features.

In this study, we present a novel approach that combines the efficacy of GcMAF and microbiota/phage reconstitution in one single and easy solution that does not involve human or animal derivatives. Our approach is based on fermentation of a unique Swiss hemp extract by microbes and phages that are known to reconstitute the healthy human microbiota and balance the immune system. Fermentation of this hemp extract determines the formation of a GcMAF vegetal analogue through glycosylation of edestin, a globular protein that shares significant similarity with the precursor of GcMAF. Immune system stimulation by vegetal GcMAF is complemented by the presence of fermenting probiotics and phages that show properties of interest for autism such as: reduction of inflammation, DNA repair in the nucleus and the mitochondria, repair of damages inflicted by electromagnetic radiations, suppression of retroviral infections, and detoxification.

This novel approach combines the benefits of an original vegetal GcMAF with the benefits of hemp fermentation and the presence of a unique array of probiotics and phages in a tool free of human or animal derivatives.

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