The GcMAF Protein

The GcMAF Protein

  • Dr. R wrote a chapter on electromagnetic fields & cancer in 2001
  • Our skin acts as an antenna
  • 5G is absorbed by the dermatologic cells
  • Our bodies are 90% microbiome and 10% human cells
  • This introduced how EMF interacted with both human & microbiome
  • “5G APOCALYPSE – The Extinction Event” recommended on YouTube
  • Research is cited that 5G stimulates DNA in cell nuclei to create coronavirus
  • Some celebrities created info-war and the real research was retracted
  • They measured deaths in states with and without 5G and found a difference
  • “We came up with a way to protect ourselves from EMF using microbiome”
  • Scientific American, in Oct, 2020 states “We have no reason to believe that 5G is safe”
  • We filed a patent describing how we can protect ourselves from EMF
  • Dr. Ruggiero says, “ We have developed a technology where we can exploit the ability of certain types of microbes to withstand enormous amounts of damage inflicted by EMFs, whether ionizing radiation or non-ionizing radiation, 5G, radio waves, whatever.
  • The microbes transfer their ability to quantum entanglement of DNA to the microbes of our microbiome and these transfer this acquired resistance or ability to repair the damage to our human cells.
  • In this way, our human cells become capable of withstanding damage inflicted by EMFs
  • The lethal dose of radiation for humans is 3 grays 
  • Microbes have a number of molecular mechanisms that allow them to withstand radiation of up to 6,400 grays
  • The microbes can reduce reactive oxygen species & inhibit damage to DNA
  • The microbes are also incredibly efficient in DNA repair mechanisms 
  • We can transfer their skills from the organisms, to the microbiome, & to us!
  • Do EMFs cause damage to our neurological functions? Yes!
  • He goes on for 20 mins talking about how to balance all this using the mechanisms and how it works and how to fix it. (mind-blowing work!)

Read the transcript here

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