Dairy Allergy

I’d like to know how I can best use Bravo. I have a Dairy Allergy.

Describe your dairy allergy.  Sometimes it is like a skin rash, or so.  Sometimes it is antibiotic damage to the mucosa.  Have you always had it?  Ever since you were little?

Sometimes it is the stress of the cows.  Big farms, helpless to being enslaved.  Never seeing grass, sky or a tree.   Loved and looked after cows are very important and the stress of living on a milking machine is to me “slavery”.  These are herd animals.  They are aware of those nearby. Up and down the streets.  If everyone of their herd is enslaved, it causes unfathomable despair.  It is important to find the right milk.

The answer to your question about best use is to find the best loved cows and milk you can.

Get the milk raw, meaning, full fat and no additives.  The doctor’s only instructions are the lowest bar which is “no ultra-pasteurized milk”.  We will pasteurize it ourselves.  Thus avoiding the processing.

Secondly, many people are sensitive to the casein.  Casein is removed when the pasteurization is cooled down and a skin is formed.  If you remove that skin, most of the casein and stress hormones is removed.  It becomes a clean canvas for the powders to culture in.  We put the cultures in when it is at body temperature.

Another important point about the milk is that the immune system is installed through the process of the baby’s gut being open, safe, and happy.  Ready and very well equipped for new growth.  When I ask people how their breast feeding went, 100% tell me a sad story.  I believe this sad story has been going on since then.  For me, my sad story was difficult to express as a 2 month old.  It came out something like, “Whaaaaaa”.  I had internalized the rage because that is how I was handled and how the rage was handled.  I was trying my best to say “I can’t live and grow on this stuff you are giving me.”  Where is my customized, loved packets of love filled with growth and promise that I can build my life out of?  You know, that stuff that adjusts to the baby when they change, when they are under the weather, and that progress as the fats and proteins are needed.  That stuff!!  Not for me.  I got 2 months and then. . . .I got on corn syrup.  I was well aware that I did poorly on it. 

When I met Bravo Yogurt, it was like introducing the part that I have been raging for.  It completely satisfied that part that needed to build these functions inside me.  It was amazing.  I opened up like a flower that finally got fertilized.  I LOVED Bravo Yogurt and I have kept opening up all these years. (6 at the time of this writing).  

So I am never going to say that you and yours, don’t need Bravo Yogurt.  That would be foolish.  However, it does need to be made in a way that supports what it is doing.  You can’t really get the result without the proper milk.  Check your area for real milk.  (www.realmilk.com has a locator that could help)

Now, about that allergy.  I am certain that rebounding to your immune system through gut mucosa and yogurt may be difficult.  But it is absolutely worth a try.  If you can’t take it internally, you can still use it in other ways.  

1. On the skin.  Do you know what a happy plump milk feed baby feels like?  Their skin is so soft and hydrated.  THIS!!! Is what my skin feels like when I apply yogurt as a lotion to it.  It’s hard to get to the skin surface.  I haven’t done it well in a while.  Usually I have my dose, take the balance out of my cup and apply it to my face and neck but we can do so much better!  Before your shower, head out and take a few spoonfuls into a cup or bowl and take it to the bathroom.  When you are done with your shower or bath, apply the yogurt to your skin.  You should really be doing this twice per day.  It is amazing.  It fills the skin with a microbiome.  The same microbiome that does all the immunity work.  If you don’t know the skin relates to the brain.  In The Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton talks about the cell membrane being the brain of the cell.  That makes our “cell membrane” or the skin, our brain and what we think of as the brain is just the storage.  Hydration and function of the brain go a very long way.  

The skin is also an organ of detoxification as is the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, etc. So being able to release toxins, waste from our bodies and our lives and … emotions too: that is all a function of the detox system.

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