Bravo Edestiny: GcMAF’s Synergistic Cousin

Edestiny is a cute way of naming a product which contains a protein called “Edestin”.

In the video below, you will hear Dr. Ruggiero speaking at the Autism One 2020.  (It is not public so keep the link).  He says it as a precursor to GcMAF that is very similar in molecular build.  It is found naturally in the gut and can cause trouble if it gets too low.  It also helps when you increase it, such as quieting the the “cytokine storm” of autism.  

Bravo Edestiny is an anti-inflammatory and it helps the gut switch from one function to another.  The gut laughs, cries, digests, eliminates, detoxes, and defends to the death.  You dog!  I remember in college they took an intestine and put it in a solution and put electricity through it.  It still worked without the body!!!  This is the protein that helps you to shift gears through all the functions in the same tissue, including immunity.

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More about Edestiny here

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