The Forth Phase of Water – Gerald Pollack

There is an 11 hour audio book here.

These are the figures. looking through these should really help you to know if you want to get into this information.

Imuno is a product that cleans small areas of your body so that it is completely clean. This takes energy! It also doesn’t last for more than a few days before it starts to get wobbly. It’s like rolling a hoola hoop. At first it rolls straight and strong. Then it slows down, starts to wobble, and it falls down. When you are taking the imuno to clean out the first small area, you will want to pay attention to those cycles. Strong, slower, wobbly. You will want to take it again before it falls and stops so that it can recover. Just like the game with the hoop and the stick, you will run along it and when it needs a boost, you hit to hoop with the stick and it gains speed. This is how you use imuno cream. You take a bit, the size of rice. You put it on an area to penetrate into the body the size of a small ball up to a bigger ball as you go along. Protect this area and keep it going. If you don’t the amebas will be waiting for the boundary of the space to weaken so they can take over your chemistry and electric battery.

Understanding water will help us to understand how imuno works. Imuno cream is available here.®/products/imuno-the-cream-available-11-1-2019

More about imuno in general here:®

I have included the Fourth Phase of Water because imuno works really well. So well that it is hard to comprehend or even understand. I moves the fluids, it removes the waste that the immune system doesn’t want and it leaves at least a small area of the body clean and clear of everything unwanted. I can’t make claims about what it does. This is my experience.

To understand it, I go to The Forth Stage of Water. Where it gets into making electrical charges at different levels and surfaces of the water. They actually had water working like tubes that resemble the veins. I am sure the lymph has a different function but it is all facinating.

If you apply these solutions of moving unwanted material with the electrical charges in the water of your body to bring about a surprisingly effective way to remove unwanted chemistry from your body. I am hoping that as you see the surprising element of water in your body, you will better understand that imuno is ORGANIZING YOU to remove your waste. All waste. Heavy metals, bugs, free radicals. Anything that the immune system considers an unwanted element. In my experience it is amazing and very helpful.

It is important to understand that it won’t remove everything from everywhere. Just what it has the energy to clean out each time. It can sustain the action and hold the area and it can re-energize and sustain the action by reapplication.

Further, it appears to correlate with the research from the “red-dye #2 and hyper-activity”. The researchers of the time broke that down to a deficit of sulfates. Not the mineral but the action of sulfates or “energetic sulfates.”

This is an article describing Red-Dye #2

This is me putting out how I am tying these element together. I know it works. I know the actions are basically “understood” in the above research. If you read Pollack, it took a year and a half to find the answer to the question “how does a water battery recharge.” Please understand that getting to the bottom of things is never possible, but understanding comes with long-term focused energy. (think crazy hair, black boards and arm chairs)

I know that imuno uses the charge in the smallest molecules to clear the way to remove the debris and what the immune system says should not be there. Therefore, I have used it as an antibiotic. It strengthens the cells under any infection, gets the area moving, and doesn’t disrupt the natural good beneficial bacteria. It avoids antibiotic damage.

You should not use it systemically at first in large amounts. It will take a lot of energy to set up a huge space!! Start small, watch it work like your wand and get the hang of it. Once your body is accustomed to the action, you will find much more cooperation. Also, you have to know when you have taken too much and you are a tiny bit groggy the next day. (for example, applying it to your entire face at one time.)

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