Praesidium: The EMF Protector

Create an Inner Shield of Protection 

for EMP Pollution

“I am getting stronger.  The EMF is not pushing me around anymore.  My body is once again sending the “energy of life” out through my cells.  I don’t have to live with a just a trickle of energy anymore and I have only been taking it for 1 month!  I can’t wait to see more!”

Studies on EMF clearly show the effects like  symptoms of fatigue,  headaches, insomina, heart rate variability, as well as memory, skin, eye, detox, digestion, & bowel function issues.  This is a spectrum of symptoms which are difficult to observe in our daily life but are undeniably present.

Dr. Ruggiero’s research has built a bridge of products including Bravo Yogurt and Imuno which have been transformational to build and support our microbiomes and to ignite cellular power to restore our system’s functions.  PraesidiumĀ®  takes us a step further into becoming more resilient with EMF pollution.  Dr. Ruggiero is a highly innovative thinker.  He has offered a safe, smart, and natural formula that we can consume.  We begin to transfer the messages of how WE can adapt to those super high levels of radiation right into our own cells and retain it.

PraesidiumĀ® consists of these specialized living probiotic organisms, specialized living silica  and spirilina.  The technology is patent pending.  The doctor recommends not taking more than one capsule per day.   The product contains a 3 month supply which is 90 caps.  (members only: there is a sample section offering smaller amounts)

Feedback from people who have begun to experience the formula report:

  • Improved sleep
  • Nutritional support for better nerves, micro-biome, skin & eyes
  • Better detoxification of pesticides and cleaners
  • Improved Heart Rate Variablity
  • Improved, healthier looking skin
  • Much better energy levels and detoxing
  • Over all less emotional stress

The Inventing of Praesidium: A speech in PDF form:

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