imuno Cream

imuno Cream is being universally loved by all ages.  It assists the body where it is needed.  Imuno is very clean.  The molecules are very small.  They are filtered to be nano sized.  The formula has three ingredients and they are molecularly bonded together.  Each of these ingredients and their actions are extremely nurturing and invigorating to the body. 

The first ingredient is an ultra-pure Phosphatidylcholine.  It is a fatty acid and it acts like a soap in the cellular environment.  It removes debris and brightens the outside of the cell’s wall like washing a window.  The second ingredient is a vegan chondroitin sulfate that stimulate the brain of the cell, the cell wall, and once it touches a part of a cell wall, the whole cell wall responds and wakes up.  Thirdly, the Vitamin D3 is  molecularly bonded so now it too is inside the cell and turns on the power.  The cell turns on and so do the ones around it.  They link to the immune system and begin to remove anything unwanted from the small cellular environment.  The imuno turns on the power of the cells and that starts the whole “factory” of functions such as digestion, detoxification, immune, hormonal function, etc. 

It removes the stuff that isn’t supposed to be there. As you continue to use imuno, that small cellular area expands and is maintained clean and working by a continuing to use a small amount of cream that penetrates into a specific area.  You don’t want to use a lot.  Just the size of a piece of rice.  It travels to the issue and begins to dispel it.  It does this by setting up the charges inside the internal water system through the body and removes the items not wanted by the immune system.  Start slowly and hold it to only those areas that you have opened.  Imuno takes a lot of power so only do a little bit and not everyday.  This product  uses so little product that it really lasts a long time and must be reapplied to keep it flowing.

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