Important EMF Information now Available

Nick Pineault (The EMF Guy) received a ton of positive feedback from the EMF Hazards Summit he put together last Fall, but one guest really stood out – Dr. Marco Ruggiero.

Several of you wanted to hear more from Dr. Ruggiero, who’s not only a very esteemed scientist who has hundreds of peer-reviewed articles under his belt, but who’s also an inventor who has created a unique product which acts as an “Inner Shield” against EMF damage.

Nick asked Dr. Ruggiero to give a more in-depth, exclusive masterclass to his community in early November 2021, and hundreds of attendees were fascinated by Dr. Ruggiero’s unique take on why EMFs from cell phones, wifi routers, Bluetooth gadgets and others are harmful to our biology. 

According to Dr. Ruggiero’s  extensive research, the main damage happens on a microbiome level, and NOT on a cellular level!

Dr. Ruggiero’s team (The Microbiome Guys) recently reached out and asked Nick to make this masterclass available again, for a limited time. He agreed, considering this information is so important and very different from everything he had personally heard before.

If you missed this masterclass last year, you can get access to the entire replay, which is 1 hour and 40 mins long, starting today – but for 1 week only:


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