Dr Marco Ruggiero Speaks about Praesidium Nov. 2021

[1] Who is Marco Ruggiero? https://youtu.be/dekpzGbRhEE 
(6:51 mins)

DESCRIP:  First of four video excerpts.  His resume, credentials, education; and, some early history of the inventor of Bravo superfood yogurt, imuno and Praesidium.

[2] Dr. Ruggiero’s first encounters with EMFs, Italy 1970s  
(13:50 mins)

DESCRIP: Dr. Ruggiero shares his early adult biography in Italy, the 1970s, where he first encountered EMFs professionally.  Several European countries were reporting strange physical symptoms of military personnel whose job was to be in radiowave frequencies and/or look at CRT monitors for hours on a daily basis.   What was this known occupational hazard?  Dr. R. was asked to investigate.

[3] Can microbes make an inner shield against EMFs? 
(21:03 mins)

DESCRIP: A more precise title is, “Can our cells use microbes to make an inner shield against excess EMFs?”

[4]  Praesidium, does it work?  Evidence from heart rate variability studies https://youtu.be/mEW5PfzjP6U
(10:13 mins)

DESCRIP:  Fourth of four video excerpts.  While the first focus for improving our microbiome is “gut health,” our whole-body microbiome is also an issue.  Our microbiome is far away from our conscious mind; and, far away from direct sensory perception.  How to measure improvement?  Heart rate variability (HRV) is a good way to do this.   Studies and testimonials from HRV-Praesidium studies are discussed.  

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