Wild Animals, Taming Instincts, and Initiations, and Not Using Fear

In this video, we show a brave woman demonstrating her ability to tune into the wild cheetahs. She seems to know what to do.  If we embrace this video, we can begin to understand that she is coming from a high vibration.  One that is above the instincts of the cats.


Fear is something that we add.  We don’t have to.  However, we have to learn this.  It has been taught culturally, through our own long term mishandling situations by reacting to them.  We can change that with enough strength and insight.

What can we do to manage our reactions?  How can we practice and become strong so that we can get the best from our lives?   Many of our situations are instinctual like these Cheetahs.  This brave woman knows how to handle instincts and is strong enough to not use fear or anger, yet the cheetahs are very real.

Practice on the situations that are around us that some how trigger us and might make us afraid.  You know the ones. They seem too big, too frightening and we seem too small and “not enough”.    Don’t withdraw into yourself on any level.  Stay in your skin and connected to the situation.  Another way of saying “be present” is to imagine that you are a cell in a cluster of cells and your job is to communicate with everything on all sides of you.  Get yourself back out to that cell wall.

This is the type of thing that creates illness within our bodies.  If we withdraw, we are no longer in communication with our life source and we get squirrely, go into areas that aren’t good for ourselves or others.  This woman demonstrates cooperation with herself, nature and the wild cheetahs.  She respects it all and she stays engaged.  Check inside quickly and ask your unconscious if you could hold that steady?  If not, you are probably creating a problem for yourself and others.

In “sitting with” this video and seeing it over several days with time to contemplate, I have decided that it has something to do with her ability to stay in a high place and thus come from calm within herself.  Since we are all one, ie a collective mind, she can calm herself and thus calm the animals.

I have read about accounts like this but is sure is nice to see it on film.

One of my favorite examples of living with wild animals is Anastasia of Russia, (email me and I will find you the reference) who clearly lived in the wild herself but in COOPERATION with the animals.  I wondered what she would do when their instincts got unruly.  In the first book, she has a she-wolf who got a bit edgy, she put her hand on the wolf’s head and it blacked out.  I don’t know how Anastasia did that, but I am paying attention!  I am looking for an answer of how to hold myself in order to have more peace and trying to bring in this level of cooperation and peace within me and to all.

A friend suggested that it might have to do with initiation into the Light.  She read a book called Initiation where the woman had the ability to relate to her wild lions.  When she met a man that she wanted to mate with, she lowered her vibration (to his?  To accommodate others?)  The result was that the lions didn’t recognize her frequency and malled her.  Ops.

Perhaps the lessons/reminders are fruitful here.

  1. You can activate your initiation energy (that which you have accomplished in the Light) to calm the forces around you.
  2. That our situations are very manageable if we get back into our “command centers” and extend out to our cell walls.
  3. That we do have a collective mind and can calm down all of the instinctual rogue agents even if they are people, etc.
  4. I am going to try not to lower my frequency to accommodate others so I don’t endanger myself and confuse my own frequencies.

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