Who is Laura Roeder? My Hero!

Who is Laura Roeder?  She is one of the most influential people of my year so far.


I love Laura Roeder’s energy I think you will too.

She is bouncy, simple, and cool with a straightforward integrity.

She does her homework and she gives the information in a clear way to understand while not making less of me or my skill level, ever.  The information is great and easy to digest.

Over the year, I became a fan.  I first contacted her when my CRM (Infusionsoft) has a wild promotion called “Pitch the Switch”.  She was a lead contender to win the $10,000 prize.  I could have posted a video and competed as well.  But she did!  (belief – I wasn’t funny enough, nor did I have the time, nor would it help my business, etc.)  She got far into the competition until some professional video maker and promoter came in with big guns.  Too bad for #2.

I continue to go to every presentation, I tape them and I do them.  I have a beautiful facebook page, blog, etc.  I have asked her to present at InfusionCon next year.  I hope she has the time and energy.

Here is what I did. I sent in a photo that I took in the parking lot of Costco.  She goes by her initials in Twitter so I recognized them quickly.  She posted it in the Dash!   That is her very informative weekly newsletter that I actually read.  She . . . is a great working “model” for  me and my business.  I do have a playful way of saying Thank You to those who do so much for me.

From Laura 7/13/11 The Dash:
This week I have to share something that Dasher Maryann sent in . . . apparently I have fans all over the place because she spotted this LKR FAN vanity plate in a Costco parking lot! OK, maybe they weren’t talking about me, but I like to pretend! Thanks for the laugh Maryann.



Lesson learned?  Do something!

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