Mimic Defense

I love this blog because I can express myself about what I am learning in my practice.  When we are assisting our clients to seeing their patterns, that is, when they WANT to see their patterns of behavior, we often give them a custom remedy. A remedy is a bill of lading that say what it is, where it is and how to use it.

Today, someone was clearing a very deep defense of being frightened.  She knew that if she didn’t react to the rattling anxiety that she would gain dominion over herself.  However, we had to show her a spectrum of behaviors including the safe alternative and how that would work.

The behavior I needed to describe on a body level was . . .  “hiding”.  It was my job to find something that would show her consciousness HOW she would hide.  I went looking like I was shopping in a store.  Minerals, flowers, animals. . . bingo.

At first, I would have guessed a chameleon, but actually it was more like a shape-shifter so I remembered a video that I saw of a mimic octopus that actually can change into 15 different very distinct ocean creatures that others fear.  That was more accurate in the description of how this gal was hiding from others, looking formidable.  Believe me, it takes a lot of courage to let others see this deep of a pattern of defense.  She has to really trust the Light to let herself and others see it.


She is lifting up from a very deep pattern of terror and getting great results for herself.

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