Breast Milk and Infant Formula

Anyone thinking about baby has to understand that breast milk is so much more superior for you baby that it is ridiculous.  Breast is customized!  As the baby grows, the milk changes its fat and carb ratios.  It even customizes if the baby gets sick.  Breast milk is ALWAYS THE FIRST OPTION.

As I begin to help mom’s with babies who are awake all night, I came into the shocking understanding of what we are giving our precious babes.   What the heck??   Every formula has very cheap and very unhealthy forms of corn frucose in it.  I had to look long and hard for something that had rice syrup but even that is dangerously too sweet for the baby’s delicate probiotic balance.

I am horrified by the amount of corn fructose and brown rice syrup in infant formula.  Here are some alternatives that are a bit more healthy.

Goat milk is more like human milk.   Here is info on Goat milk

Here is bitter truth of sugar and corn syrup.

I suggest finding a baby formula that uses rice syrup for carbohydrates and cutting it with the evaporated goat’s milk to balance the syrup.




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