Coconut Oil: A natural remedy for brain & blood sugar issues!

Do you know anyone dealing with dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes, or brain fog?  They all have is one thing in common.  Blood sugar issues.

This happens to everyone so this article is for you.   Sometimes, the cells in our digestive system or our brain or some other part of our body just stop getting nutrition.  What is that all about?  Why do our cells just stop getting the glucose we need?  Why does this door shut?    know more here

Mimi has lots of experience with brain sugar imbalance because of her grandmother’s pancreatic cancer and of her mother’s Alzheimer’s.  Having this music playing in the genetics of her own body could be a curse or it could be the laboratory that brings freedom and liberation for herself and many others.  All we know is that doctor’s, practitioners, individuals and researchers seek Mimi out to help them understand the underlying nature of disease and consciousness instability.

People have been telling Mimi for years that her blood sugar wasn’t stable.  Doctor’s didn’t have an answer because it wasn’t black and white enough.   So what do you do?  You are exhausted, you can’t think, you don’t have “enough” to run your life.   How do you help yourself?  What really is the cause???  Mimi says,  “The way this blood sugar issue plays out in the brain is similar to diabetes and insulin resistance: glucose is blocked from being absorbed.  Cut off from nutrition, all the cells begin to starve, sicken and die.   This is what happens in all the above diseases each with their own specific styles.

Here is some breaking news about what to do for the above type issues.  Use coconut oil internally.   It is an answer that is so safe and simple that everyone, young and old, should give it a try!

What’s the big news?  Coconut oil!

Coconut oil is a mid-level triglyceride.  When it gets into the liver through the digestive system it creates keytones that can open the cell’s availability for nutrition and get the brain’s nutrition and energy systems restarted.  Finally get those starving cells fed.  It is fast, safe and inexpensive.

However, don’t overlook the emotional work to lift and forgive those old unconscious hurts.  This is very important to get the coconut oil to open and and just as important to reintegrate your emotional needs back into the world in order to lift through the whole body.

If you haven’t seen the coconut oil video yet with the clock, check this video reporting the news.  If you have seen it, look again at the science and tell your body to do that.

Like the video says, it isn’t the end or all of the story.  The nervous system gets very distorted in individualized ways due to anxiety, repression, genetics, stress, lack of circulation, and negativity.  If you experience brain dysfunction of any kind, you owe it to yourself to try this simple remedy.

Here are some tips:

  1. Use the cleanest most natural coconut oil,  No hydrogenated oils.
  2. Use about 4 – 5 tablespoons per day
  3. Take plenty of water to remove toxins

Coconut oil will jump-start the nutrition but then the brain is going to start detoxing because it couldn’t before!  The brain’s immune system is NOT THE SAME as the body’s.  The brain needs to be carefully detoxed and repaired so it doesn’t start an over-reacting process.  We are available as professionals for a free phone consultation to discuss how we can help to make the process graceful!  Contact us.

Want more technical info?  Watch this video:


My partner, Barbara Sakota and I, have been cleaning bodies for years using homeopathics, herbs, vitamins, minerals and foods to direct the healing at the body’s perfect rate and time.   We tune into the body’s experience and are masterful at finding the solutions for common and uncommon problems.  We have infused our coconut oil with homeopathics of the finest technology for brain health in order to be effective in a more substantial and complete way.

  • Delicious brain nutrition
  • Minerals & trace minerals
  • Poly Sacrides & Poly Peptides
  • Connective Tissue remedies
  • Circulation for the cell matrix
  • Lymph drainage

We used to be ahead of it’s time, now, time has caught up with us.  Join us in this wonderfully simple preventative and restorative process for your best health ever!

Barbara and I tested so many brands of coconut oil that we are now ready to recommend something.

The brand of coconut oil that we recommend is  Garden of Life, Organic, extra virgin coconut oil.  You can get it cheaply from Amazon.  We have used this coconut oil for years because it is receptive to receiving remedy information and holding it.  It is really clean and clear and it holds a charge.

If you would like,  I would be happy to create the perfect custom remedy for you and add it to your coconut oil.    Call 760-943-8044 and let us know what you want.  Here is my on line apt book. Let’s spend 10 mins discussing your remedy and getting the info to ship it.  The cost is $25. for 16 oz of Garden of Life Organic Coconut oil and the remedy infusion.  Shipping will be the actual cost to your location.  Here is my on-line calendar to find a time I am available.

Love & Light,



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