Trehalose – a versatile, natural and healthy sugar

You may not have heard about Trehalose but I’m sure you will have heard about diabetes – in a strange way they are connected. Trehalose is a relatively recent discovery and just 12 years ago Trehalose was confined to the research labs and academics. TREHALOSE is NATURAL and CONTAINS NO CHEMICALS. The breakthrough came in Japan about 15 years ago when a scientist managed to get an enzyme to convert simple starch into Trehalose. This breakthrough enabled Trehalose to reach many more places and today it is used widely in the cosmetic industry, skincare, food preparation and the freezing of living organisms for transportation or research – called cryo-preservation. Trehalose has the ability to stabilise proteins and that’s one of its major uses in the food industry. Trehalose was first used in Japan to help in the preparation of sushi where it helps with stability, flavour and shelf life. Learn about Trehalose and how it can aid healthful living. It is a viable, natural alternative to sucrose (white table sugar) and research suggests that it is a good alternative natural sweetener and much better than Aspartame or Nutra Sweet – oh and an added benefit is that you will have better energy levels throughout the day.trehalose healthy safe sugar alternative diabetes

When eaten it has a very low effect on the blood glucose level and hence is very useful for diabetics.

Due to its ability to stabilise protein it may also have some benefits in terms of aiding neurological degenerative diseases.

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