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Wouldn’t it be fabulous to resolve those uncomfortable feelings that come up from time to time.  It is not difficult to complete those feelings once you understand the “game” and how to play it.


we were in one of the deepest binds I have ever seen with my own experience. Yet I have trust In the Light to come though with a solution.

Here is the result. the light showed us that we have the capacity to ask the conditions of our body to change. That we can say,

Light show me how to resolve this.

It did show us. (With proportions that have made my jaw drop).
for years, I have been trying to clear a candida situation that is clearly in my gut and brain.

I took fungal forte, I cut all sugar, I came out of hiding. Yet, it didn’t change until now. What is the difference? That would be the way I hold my entire consciousness.

Am I a victim? Or am I big enough to be the change agent?  Are the situations too big so that I have to back away or can I get in there and tough it out.  I can.  (but I didn’t know I could)  There is great wisdom to completing the feelings and situations and then once again reaching out to our people and circulating.

What I was experiencing when I had those dark feelings that were uncomfortable was this:

I was having a feeling that I needed to digest and process ON TOP OF  many other feelings and thoughts that I haven’t yet processed.  It is the same as all the unattended details.  Tend to them!!  Because new ones will come up and the old ones need to be complete.  If you get done, do some older ones.  It’s like magic!  All the plumbing opens and the sun comes out.  We have our energy back.

The personality won’t do too much except make myself have a social position better but that might require hiding so I didn’t resolve anything!   What really helps is how I hold myself inside.  This causes frustration and anger with ourselves at some level and creates colonies of energy that reflect this feeling.  This is not for us.

Today, the light was very clear. Hold your body bacteria in the light so that it becomes a powerhouse. The body is 33% bacteria and there is some symbiotic yeast in that mix. Let’s make that positive!

How do we do that? By being more aware. It isn’t just how we act that changes us. It’s how we work our vehicle we call the body. Do we give ourselves love? Do we eat for our cells and how they live or do we eat for comfort and concept. If we stick with the cells, we will be rewarded. I know this is true because I have focused on getting stronger and I have been led to the cells.  The cells (and spiritual energy that creates all this) leads me.

Now after many years of detoxing the residual diseases, confronting the genetic messages and taking care of my cells, the next level has unveiled itself. I need to transform the inner bacterial culture. Revive it to peace.

What is new for me? I am used to cells and organs, I know about body communications and interactions of our will onto the quantum world. For me in this moment, this inner kingdom is what has my attention with a promise that our strength doesn’t just come from us but from keeping our joint venture partners (our beneficial bacteria) . . .happy.

So, what to do?

Keep your eyes on the positive. Feed your friends good and useful attention.
Keep your eyes on the good. There is always good in every situation. Find it and increase it.
Send energy to your partners. It is essential that your bacteria gets that you are there for them.

I know this sounds hilarious. I promise it is not a joke. Cells need us. Our microbes do to!

I believe that the wise and holy men of old, those that brought frankincense and merr, also brought yogurt. By being in an intensive state of prayer, then light becomes more and more compressed within the body. Things will happen that weren’t there before. New things. Even solutions for the events that need to be reconciled. This can be done in groups or alone. The difference is that this is no nonsense state of goodness and nothing but goodness. It is a cut above what we can do now and there will always be more.

How does this relate to my life right now?

Look for the highest good.
Keep your mind open to the fact that you can have even more Light than you ever expected to have. That the quality of goodness can get more intense. Then, it’s time for me to suck up my guts and go there.

On the way, I met many stories about how I didnt make it last time. I kept flashing these failures before me at rapid rate. I thought they were in the current moment for a long time. Then I realized that it was all theater to get my attention. I resolved it, rewrote the stories so that they supported me and kept going. Eventually, they subsided. I learned how to speak to my innate wisdom. I learned how to relax and unravel.

And. Here we are.
Nothing much has changed ink the world. I still have bills to pay.
I have moved from this world to another one. I have made a quantum leap. It worked!

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