Good Fats Don’t Make You Fat

There is a great deal of misperception or misconception regarding fats and oils.  All fats are good for you – they just come from different families and have different purposes. The three families of fat are:

  • Saturated Fat
  • Mono Unsaturated Fat
  • Poly Unsaturated Fat.

The difference is the number of bends in the chain. Saturated Fats have no bends in the chain, whereas, mono unsaturated fats have one bend and the poly unsaturated fats have multiple bends. The more the bends, the greater the electrical energy and the greater the vibrational energy.
Saturated fats are used for body structure and stability, while the polyunsaturated fats are used for functioning organs, such as the eyes and the heart, which require more electrical energy and vibrational energy to function. In nature fats come from nuts, seeds, olives, avocados, dark greens, coconuts, seaweed, leagumes, butter, flaxseed.
Saturated Fats
Saturated fat does not require liver bile for digestion because it is easy to digest and absorbs quickly. All cooking should be done with a saturated fat because the size of the chain makes it difficult to damage the fat. The coconut is 92% saturated fat and is considered the best and healthiest oil to cook with. Olive oil should NOT be used for cooking, because the chain is short and can be damaged so easily that it can turn rancid during the cooking process. Saturated fat helps fight disease by:
Killing parasites
Killing viruses
Killing Bacteria
Poly Unsaturated Fats
Poly Unsaturated fats speed up the functioning of the brain, the heart and the eyes. The brain gets its share first while the rest of the body may be starving for the fats. There are only two things that can leach fat from the brain and they are alcohol or a fetus, especially during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy.
Prostaglandins are made from Omega 3’s and Omega 6’s.  We need both 3’s and 6’s in roughly equal amounts to maintain balance.  Unfortunately, in the American processed food diet, there are far too many Omega 6’s – these are the ones that promote inflamation.   The imbalance between Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids may also contribute to obesity, depression, dyslexia, hyperactivity and even a tendency toward violence
Fat is mandatory for good health
Your heart won’t run without fat, and 60% of your heart’s energy comes from fat.
The brain is made up of 60% fat and you can’t think properly with out fat.
Nerves – the protection around your nerve is a sheath called the mylein sheath. Fat is the primary component of the mylein sheath
Hormones – fat is one of the key building blocks for hormones
Fat is a key building block for your cell membranes Fat is key for healthy skin, hair and nails
Fat is key for proper lung functioning
Fat keeps your moods stable
Fat is critical to a healthy digestive process
Fat is stored in the adipose tissue and is what keeps you warm
Fat is the source for steady and stable energy
Your body has a shut-off mechanism to prevent you from eating too much fat
Most people’s diet is severely lacking in the Omega 3’s. Any health condition a person may have that has a name ending in “itis”, such as arthritis or bursitits or colitis, indicates the person is severely lacking in the Omega 3’s. Omega 3’s come from Fish – especially Salmon and Mackeral, Flax, Walnuts, Algae, Cereal Grasses (Such as PRL’s Green’s Mix), Eggs from organically fed chickens that get flax. Grains have almost no Omega 3’s and a significant amount of Omega 6’s.
No Bad Fats
Technically there are no bad fats – however there are fats that have been damaged, and consequently, they are harmful to you. Fats go bad when chemicals are used or deodorizers are used. When exposed to light they can go rancid.  This is a problem and is why the right kind of package container is important. We recommend the Violite container that can block out the rancidifying light.
The hydrogenation process – the hydrogenation process pumps hydrogen ions into the product at high temperatures so that it stops the rancidifying process to give the product a long shelf life with consistency. The problem is, now the fat becomes waxy, hard and unusable. It is also harmful to the body. Partially hydrogenated is equally as bad and it is called “partially hydrogenated” simply because they stop the process in the middle when the product may have its best eye appeal.  However, it is still equally harmful.
Fats Don’t Make You Fat
It is erroneous to think that fat makes you physically fat. Fats don’t make you fat – eating highly processed foods will make you fat. Eating no-fat or low-fat products will make you fat. Consuming processed sugar makes you fat.  In nature, carbohydrates have protein and fats in them so that when the natural sugar enters the body, it does so slowly due to the protein and fats. Processed sugars have processed the fats and protein out. Now the sugar enters the body far quicker than it was designed to and an array of reactions occur to handle this onslaught, including storing the sugar into fat cells.
Oils when processed properly will remain cloudy and textured. When oils are manufactured for shelf life and consistency, the oils are damaged, causing them to become transfats; thereby causing them to become toxic and to produce free radicals. They become colorless, odorless and/or tasteless.
If the body does not have enough healthy good fats and oils, the body will use transfats. Unfortunately, the body cannot maintain health in this fashion and transfats have been implicated in most all chronic health conditions.
Adverse Effects of Consuming Transfats
Lowers the good cholesterol/Raises the bad cholesterol
Decreases the quality of breast milk
Lowers the male testosterone
Increases the number of abnormal sperm in men Decreases the red blood cell response to insulin thus having an undesireable effect on diabetes
So if a person has been consuming a lot of transfats without the good fats, the damage can still be reversed. Begin to consume properly prepared healthy fats and oils – over enough time, the body with its own intelligence will begin the replacement process. The problem is that it can take years, but by taking a Quantum supplement like Quantum EFA Oil Blend along with Quantum Brain Complex, and adding a 20 minute per day exposure to sunlight, this can be accomplished over a 9 month period.

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