When your brain is balanced and relaxed, your body will follow.

So often, I find people is a form of stress that creates symptoms of scatteredness and disarray in their lives.  They are busy but don’t seem to get anything done.  My hand is raised because I know I have that quality.  I found out through my studies that this is a form of sympathetic stress.   It is a form of fight or flight that revolves around an injury.

In Oriental medicine, the core of that injury is cold, yet around it lots of heat, activity and flurry.  The action is intended to get the person to safety.  It is a scramble.  The habit or the training might create an inhibition to move.  This sometimes comes from parents who hold their children down and yell at them in some form or another.  Too much threat and not enough ability to defend.  At any rate, it is essential to get ourselves out of it in order to bring our lives and health into balance.

Here are some big tips I am learning right now.

We know about the reptilian brain, how it is reactive and not cognitive.  We know that the reptilian brain is also known as the Autonomic Nervous System.   This is the right place to think about this exercise!  We know that smell and the use of essential oils will sooth the reptilian brain.  We also know that tapping, asking for Grace and Light will accelerate the change of these deep habits.

Here is what I found out that is new to me and VERY EXCITING.  We know that the body scans the consciousness.  If you hold a state of unhappiness and your consciousness scans you a million times per day, that’s a lot of feedback about unhappiness.  That is how NLP really works.  We have to break the signals that are getting scanned to really change our consciousness.  If we want to be happy, we need to feed ourselves a happy lot of energy, smile and begin the cycle of happy.  Same with being healthy, having more money, and having the strength to determine the outcomes around you.  Yes, it all takes energy AND you can get a grip on the direction you are going by putting yourself in the proper position to get scanned as much as you can until the result starts to change.  So pull out your rating antennae so you can tell if you are changing.

Here is the exercise de jour to release the reptilian brain habits and messages.  This is one of the most difficult parts of us to realign because we operate cognitively, this is reflex.

I received an email and downloaded a free book from amazon.


Here is the book link.        http://reflexercise.net/

For those who have excuses . . . I will give you some basics out of the book but I believe that reading the book and absorbing the explanation is worth your time!!!   It is well written and deserves the chance to set into your consciousness.   Here we go.

This is a youtube on what it looks like before and after in the places that want to “run away”, however it is not a video about the technique.


Here is a few of the pages that will help you build your technique.  This is what I want you to study!!



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