Dust off that SuperHuman Brain of yours! It’s in there.


I received this email and got excited about it because I KNOW that this technique is successful for me and so many other people.

I will listen to the conference and put my recordings below.

If you don’t have  your superhuman strength yet, then hold tight to your intention. It is a reality.

Hi Maryann,

If you’re like me you probably think way
too much.

What has to get done at work?  How can I
better take care of my health?  What should
I eat for lunch? What should I do this
weekend?  How am I going to pay that bill?

There is always so much going on in our

And it seems like each issue is fighting
for mental space all the time.

Even as you’re reading this, your brain is
probably racing at a million miles a minute.

It’s tiresome, right?

It’s also likely holding you back…

What if you could just make it stop and learn
to better focus on the things that matter?

How much could you get done?

Imagine for a minute having monk-like
concentration, superhuman memory and
overflowing creativity?

It’s a lot easier than you think.

As my good friend Jim Kwik always likes to say,
“You have a superhero hiding inside of you just
waiting to come out…”

You just have to get your brain under control.

Here’s something that will help you do just that.
It’s free, but there’s only a little space left.


My friend Jim Kwik is a memory and
concentration expert.

He’s so good that he’s taught the best minds
at Harvard and Nike how to speed read and
remember anything.

He wants to help you unlock the superpowers
you’ve always known you had.

During Jim’s new “Brainpower for Success
Summit”, 12 leading experts and
super-achievers will be sharing how they’ve
turned their brains into uncanny machines.

They’ll teach you how to:

– Break free of your crippling Facebook addiction

– Never forget the name of another person you meet

– Master your dream skill or hobby and reap super-profits from it

– Double your learning speed and capacity

– Cut your stress in half or eliminate it altogether

– Teach your children laser-like focus and concentration

By the end of this summit, you’ll be unstoppable.


Enjoy the summit.  I know I will.  🙂

Keep Tapping,

Nick Ortner

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