Worm, ascaris and general microbes – Some Solid Options

I am not a doctor.  I am not giving medical advises.  I just had worms and no one wants that.  This is some of the things I have learned.


Bravo and imuno

By far the best thing that I have ever used for worms was Bravo and Imuno.  I was so strong that I just blasted the worms.  They died.  but then I had to remove them.  Some were in my brain!!!  Duh!  They started to decompose and I started to feel an infection.

I went to the doctors for antibiotics which worked for the infection but…  OMG I killed my entire microbiome and I am sure I offended my friendly microbes.  Something about genocide doesn’t make for solid friendship.  I begged forgiveness because I really didn’t consider that they would die.  I was single minded and focused on the brain infection.

What I learned is to go slowly and respect the detoxification pathways.  Get them conditioned first and when killing and removing mess from the brain, go slowly and take the band-aide off slowly no matter how painful.  The organisms which were helping me move the stuff out are VALUABLE.  The movement is very valuable and the detox is organic.  Have respect for the healing process and work with it.  Carefully.

Worm remedy for Ascaris.

Culturally, groups of people have found natural ways to fight parasites, however, wisdom must be used to make the people safe.  For example, there is a reason that ginger and wasabi is offered with sushi.  Use them!  All of it.  If you want to kill the bugs in the sushi.  Indian food is hot hot with ginger as well.  Mexicans use onion and garlic.  etc.

It is not easy to fight a case of parasites.  In this case, I had to get serious about some round worms I picked up in Cancun, Mexico on 2010.  It was like having a nervous breakdown to have these guys move in.  I lost my ability to do the extensive work I was doing before.  Gratefully, I am able to come back to that level after evicting my “tenants”. Yeah.

It took a lot of work and understanding.   I had to learn ALOT to get them out!!  My body lacked the immunity and strength to toss them out.   Most of that “loss” came from not wanting to deal with how much “guts” it takes to life live.

I am glad to help anyone who is suffering.  Just give me a call or text at 760-815-88-three-zer0.

Some solid options:  Master Tonic

This was adapted from a YouTube video from Sara Pettitt.  http://youtu.be/cUTCQCwA-4o She has given us an answer.  She is an acupuncturist and the daughter of a friend.  She did her homework to gain trust and extensively befriend some Chinese herbalists for this recipe.  Thank you Sara.

I do a few things differently as we all will.  I use my vodka, but I soak Chaga in it for 3 months in a mason jar making a great alcoholic extraction of Chaga.  I also soak green walnut hulls usually in the same alcohol.  This all helps to make the body strong in this particular area of removing parasites.


  • Fresh horseradish
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Fresh habernero peppers
  • garlic
  • 20-30 drops alcohol
  • Clove powder


Put together blend in blender and then keep refrigerated. There are no preservatives.  Make small quantities.  Maybe ¼ of root and use it up.
How to use:
Put on food as a hot sauce

Or take a teaspoon and chase with water

(3 teaspoons x 3 per day) of this hot sauce

 A solid option:  Ascaris herbs

I have also created a very good formula from Chinese Herbs to deal with Ascaris.  This is available at our store.

No matter what you use, you will feel the bugs trying to stay alive and they will give you the strong message to eat what THEY WANT.  If you don’t realize that this message is them and not you, you will become controlled and go eat it.  This separates you from yourself and control will be harder to get back!  Really hard.  I have to make myself exercise more, make myself fast more.  I tell my self that I am the divine expression and that is what I want in my body.  I bring in lots of Light.  I cling to who I am as a spiritual body.  Its the best way to keep steady.

I hope this helps.

A solid option from AMA medicine, 

I used a prescription from my doctor which helped me get a grip on them but also almost had my hair fall out.  It had to do with destroying the tubes that the worms lived in.  Augh!

That prescription was for Albendazole Tablets.  That cost is $450 per prescription which was for 1 pill.  ugh!   It was helpful but I needed to take more than one pill.

From Vet medicine:

This de-wormer is for dogs and horses.  Fenbendazole.  It is approved by the FDA for humans as a dewormer.  However, it is too cheap to be sold to humans so it is used in Vet medical.  You don’t need a prescription.  I found out about it here where there is an underground movement using it for cancer.

Buy it as Panacur C – 1 gram.  (you can buy the 4 gram size and split the powder into 4 more cheaply.). It comes out to a few dollars per dose.  If we follow the cancer people, they use 1 gram dose each day for 3 days per week and rest for 4 days.

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