I jumped with the Redbull Skydiving Team!

It’s my birthday, I am 58.  I am in California, and my son asked me to skydive.  How could I really say no?  I have asked him to do many things that were harder than that and he did them out of love.  I responded in kind.

I wasn’t afraid.  However, I had a feeling like I couldn’t turn back.  When it came time to get in the car, I was a bit resistant.   I felt like my legs were made of mud.  When they didn’t come to get us ready, I thought, “Well, that’s okay.  I had enough fun here to make it worth my time.”  (maybe slink out the door?)

They put our harnesses on.  They didn’t forget.  Then we went in the plane.  I watched myself get on, somewhere wondering what I was actually doing.  (my basic self perhaps)

I didn’t fear the risk.  We were jumping in tandem with people that pull the shoot, steer and keep track of the altimeter, etc.  The landing is soft so that wasn’t a problem.  I didn’t have a problem letting myself go.

The day before, I had gone to YouTube to educate myself and saw Betty.  She jumped at 96 and was graceful as a lamb.       https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrbq2Y_-yJk

No more clinging to my age as a way out, eh?  I surrendered.  Jumping  is a way to clear out the junk, the residual resistance, and anything else I put in the way of me and my spiritual nature within.

When we got there, the office was good, the people were up beat and having fun. There were lots of athletic men packing their shoots a half dozen at a time.    They are the Red Bull Skydiving Team and their photographers.  They were energetic and “guys”.  They were sleeping on a bed roll, joking, eating,  watching a video and giggling.  When they weren’t guys hanging around, they are a professional skydiving team, the best in the world. I recognized their faces when I went to look them up on the web.  Here they are:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9MBVWaUP4w

I was told they were here for a week to study camera angles for an event next week in Europe.  Jaysa talked to them and asked someone if they ever get afraid.  “No.”  Then said, “If they try something very new, its still a bit of a thrill.”  I wonder what it would be like to be that free!

They were wearing wing suits.  Like flying squirrels.  Ben is so good.  He lets me discover my surroundings as I am ready.  Finally, I was like “Holy Cr#p”  These are real die hard sponsored athletes.  Ben was flying the plane that belonged to the club in Oceanside, CA.
That’s him.  Jaysa says he has taken to the game of trying to beat the divers to the ground.


Jaysa and I prepared for our jump.  One must have the proper attire.


The video will go here.  I just don’t have the adapter just yet.


When I got home, I reviewed some of the accomplishments of the Red Bull Team.  I found the Red Bull x – Alps.  It is breath taking in many ways.  See the video here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvB8jzyUah0

Notes post jump:

So long sky.  I have a few days of  my stomach gurgling and churning.  Ben who did this two years ago says it takes about three days to complete then you feel like the colors are more vivid, the day is brighter than ever.  Its like that with my work too.  People have resistance, they go through it, they finish all kinds of odd ball stuff that was hanging in the balance, they don’t feel good right away because  you put all that “stuff” into process.  You don’t feel good until after the process is over.

I will let you know how it goes.  What I experienced was

  1. I had to tell everyone
  2. Then the adrenalin came off and I could do nothing but lay down and sleep
  3. I was dreamy.  I could hear my little self inside trying to figure it all out.  We did what?
  4. Still gurgling on the day after

Post Script

There is one more idea I wanted to keep track of.  The guy that rode tandem with Jaysa also was in this video about Full Contact Skydiving.  IT IS A JOKE.  or else a very bad idea.  Combining martial art fighting with skydivine is fine in a wind tunnel, or to make a movie, but not so good to loose consciousness at 10,000 feet without a shoot opened.  Love the referee.  Damion is the guy who was Jaysa’s tandem.  He is in the movie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PadCPWsPKRQ

Thanks again Benjamin!

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