How to Get Grounded

You know you aren’t grounded when  you feel like you can just “blow away”.  When you can’t get things done and you feel like you have no strength.  You know when you are too grounded when you push yourself into the earth as a defense and prove to the world that you can’t be pushed around,  till all your hair falls out prematurely.

There are several reasons that people use copper plates under their beds.  One is to avoid unnecessary disturbance from the atmosphere; like cell phone radio frequencies and high voltage wires.  There can even be a disturbance when you sleep near lay lines or the magnetic grid of the earth.   There are people who are that sensitive!!  (I am one of them)  But that is not the process we are doing.

We are doing a process of connecting ourselves to the electric current that runs at the surface of the soil for grounding.  I once went to a workshop where they required us to put our bare feet on bare soil for 15-20 minutes before we left the workshop.  They even went to a greenhouse when doing the workshop in Alaska.    This is a very profound experience to being grounded.  Much the same as  having your back on a tree.  It is grounding.  For more information on grounding, check the website called

You can spend several hundred dollars on luxury products.  For those who don’t want to do that or want to do it yourself, here is one way to do that.

1.  Buy a extension cord.  It MUST have three prongs.  They vary in length.  You will most likely need it from a plug to your bed.  I would suggest a 15 foot length.  The prices at Home Depot range from $12-16 depending on what duty they are.

2.  Now you will need a something to cut the wire and a pair of pliers.  If you have one with a side cutter for wire, that would be the one to grab.

3.  Take your pliers and pull off the two prongs that are straight and parallel.  Leave the third prong that is round and plugs into the bottom round plug on the wall socket.  Make sure you are clear about this.  Round not straight.  One is different and all that.  You are taking out the two that are the same.  They are also straight and parallel.  Make sure that the whole prong comes out past the rubber base so there is no way it can make connection with current.

4.  Now for the other end of the wire.  Use the side cutters or a razor blade and cut off the appliance at the end that you would plug into.  (Sometimes known as the female end)

5.  Now using a razor blade or wire stripper, cut off the plastic insulation all the way down to the bare copper wire.  Cut off about 2 1/2 to 3 feet insulation so the copper wire is exposed for that much.

6.  If there are copper wires either thick or thin, I braid them to prevent broken wires and frays that could be uncomfortable because the copper needs to make contact with the skin.

7.  Take a piece of electrical or duct tape and put about an inch at the end to prevent the ends from being sharp.

8.  Now, you can plug in the 1 round prong into any socket’s round ground receptacle. Place the exposed copper wire in a place where you come to rest for more than a few hours.  (couches for the TV watchers, if you want to make two)

That’s it.  You now have a copper wire that is run straight into the ground, the water pipe and connects with a vast resource of earth and its magnetic charge dispersal system.

I promise the next time I make one of these, to put a  youtube video on this page.

Or you can contact me and I will make you one.  It will cost a few dollars more than the price of the cord and shipping.  Yours, Mimi


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