Iodine and what it does for us

Iodine is a detergent.  It kills germs.  Surgical scrub is iodine.  It disinfects.  However, it is a whole lot more natural than a chemical detergent.  It is helpful in the body because it also assists metabolic processes and it is useful in certain situations.  It is possible to get too much and this must be guarded against.

What is activated iodine?

It is a combination of a few things that makes the iodine more bioavailable.  I first learned about it from this company that makes a facial scrub.  I use this scrub once in a while when I have had a rigorous outdoor experience.  Like after working in the garden exposing pollens and leaf mold,  horses, or dogs because so much dander comes off the coat.  I also put it in our personal/private swimming pool.  (because I can)  It feels great to get clean!  Even my horse wrangler friend enjoyed it after we helped clean someone’s very dirty house.  I wasn’t driving home with all that dirt in my eyes and nose.  It really helped.

Washing involves a solution of iodine and sea salt in a tub of hot water and I literally dip my face into the bowl of water!  I also use some from the bowl to wash my mouth out, put it into my nose with a neti pot and all that.  Daily, I use it as a mouth rinse after toothbrushing along with some baking soda on my paste.

Here is the link to the product.  I usually have some in stock if you are interested, just call me.

Most often when tested, people are low on iodine.  It is often used up   by the thyroid and it is difficult to keep in store if a body has lots of internal need to neutralize food which sits inside too long.  Not digesting is one of the most common causes of disease.  It is important to take our life at a pace that we can keep up with it.  Otherwise, we run the risk of over doing it and causing damage to the sensitive tissues of our gut and brain linings.

To test yourself to see if you need iodine, take the dropper and add a drop of iodine to your wrist.  Then take the other wrist and rub it in, so that both of  your wrists are now stained with iodine. (obviously the brown version, not white)  The reason you use your wrists is that you can keep an eye on your skin to see how long it absorbs.  If it is gone in 3 hours, you are very, very low and need to supplement.  If it lasts for 18-24 hours, there is no need to supplement.  (I don’t ever see that happening)

If you need more, the test and the application are the same.  apply externally to the wrists. Remember, you can take too much, so one drop per day should do it.  It is possible to take it internally but this should be done with a practitioner because you can  damage the intestinal lining if it isn’t appropriate.

Kelp and seaweed are other good sources of iodine.

Enjoy iodine.  It is a much needed product that can lean to hair loss, thyroid issues, and digestion problems.  There is always more than one way to do things and everyone is different.  Consult a professional if you are going to do anything extreme.  Meanwhile, slow down and keep up with your life.  That’s how to stay healthy.

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