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This post is about making my Bravo Easy Yogurt.  It has been designed by a couple of Italian doctors to generate GcMAF, a compound made in the body which turns on the immune system.  Research has shown that this compound has been inhibited by various environmental factors which don’t allow the immune system to operate properly.  This probiotic contains royal proteins that allow the body to make the GcMAF once again restoring health.

Prior to culturing these expensive probiotics and updating the micro-organisms of my biome, I did some research on the Bravo Easy Kit and these “nobel strands” of acidophilus.  I looked up each latin name in the ingredients.  I analyzed other products to find the same probiotic and the quality of the strands and how to culture them.  Some of the cultures grow at room temperature, others work best at body temperature which is how yogurt makers are designed.  Thus the illusive results of the doctors who did hundreds of trials to find their best results point to generate GcMAF left me confused at best.  It took me weeks of simmering before the clarity developed.  See my musings here:

What I have done is to compile a range of various instructions and temperature choices, etc. based on many expert views available for making such cultures. I traded in my tense clinical approach for a gentler more organic approach.  Like gardening or training a pet, there might be techniques but there is still a living breathing partner in your training exercise who matters.  Thus, I approach it organically with loving and cooperation.

While making my first batch, I did a frequency test to see which of the offered ideas and variables were a good frequency match for me!   They included my intention for the desired outcome, the strains of probiotic themselves, the organic raw goat’s milk from my local friendly farmer, the tools, my attitude, and the environment I have to grow the cultures.  Then, there is another whole environment of thoughts, feelings, microbes, muscles, metabolic processes, food and water intake called; the inside of my body.  My job was to distill this into the very best results.

In this lab, something bigger happened than just making the concoction.  My quest to feel my way through also brought my awareness into a greater alignment with “myself” and who I am.  I needed my truth if I was going to discern my way.  In looking for my truth, I had to establish a consciousness that was not my microbes.  I had to check in with my divine tissues.  The truth of my being.  I found the frequency of my healing process.

Basically, in trying to find my way to helping and wanting my body to create GcMAF, I found in the past, I had stepped away from the flow of my heart because some experiences were too painful.  I went “off line” so I didn’t feel the pain.  Negativity of not being myself crept in.  I had to find my way back to being myself.  I think there is a story like this about Cain and Able.  If one part looses its way, bring it on back.

I found that any invading microbes, proteins or toxins rode on negativity that I could release and let go of.  Another way to say that is that I had stepped away from my own truth and true nature.  Returning to that true nature consciously allowed me to close the openings inside me, bring “myself” back on line, and begin creating an environment of  greater health.

So now I have a bowl of probiotic out on my back porch at 88 degrees for 24 hours.  I have some glass jars from the yogurt maker (at 110 degrees) and then will go in the fridge.  In my spirit of trying out my new ideas;  after some of my samples were cultured in the yogurt maker for 6 hrs, I let them cool slowly and sit at room temperature for a few hours.  It is important that their culturing temperature have a visit before they stop in the fridge.

I also have some samples in Miron Violet glass jars along side others in clear glass jars.  I find that the Miron glass creates more energy and holds freshness longer.  Now, there is an undeniable glow of energy in my fridge that comes from using the right stuff and getting the process right, both inside and outside.

Orientation for the Re-Culturing of Bravo Easy Kit

I wanted to learn to re-culture the Bravo’s nobel strains.  There are some types that can’t be re-cultured.  So I proceed with an open mind, knowing that in the past, GcMAF under it’s precedent versions had been recaptured.  I am all for getting it right.  But I am also a bit suspicious about conflicts of interests as new vendors come on the scene selling very expensive and over priced “noble strains”.

What I learned about the noble strains is this.  Your consciousness makes the culture noble.  Take a show dog.  If I leave two puppies from the same litter with two different people.  Bubba who has no interest and rich housewife who has resources and nothing else to do will give you very different results with those puppies. These strains are like that.  They can change them, rename them, but all this attention is what they wanted!  They will get better when they are loved.  Just like our kids.  And frankly, just like our health.

I allow myself to have the luxury of an expensive probiotic and chaff at the bit when my testing tells me only 3 tablespoons times 2 times per day.  I will know the feeling of my well cared for Bravo Easy Kit probiotics.  I will test their efficiency and learn how to hold it at those levels.  I will put the time and energy into keeping them well.

Keeping them well, is like any other upgrade project.   It makes everything else need a bit of polish.  I noticed the need for upgrades everywhere.  The food in my fridge, my gardens, some house projects like the patio I want to build, etc.  More raw foods, more cultured foods, and more fresh vegetables.  Its about relationships.  It’s always been about relationships!

The old instructions of MAF 314 included re-culturing.  Most strains can be re-cultured endlessly.  Some are called a direct culture which means the need starters each time to make them viable.  I was willing to learn and do whatever the nobel strains want to be their best.  Realizing of course that a happy tummy and home environment for the cultures is as important as cultivating the strains!

I am not done conclusively with the re-culturing process.   Until I get myself through it,  however, this is what I am clear about thus far.  I will update it as I go along.

The Mother

The “mother”,  which is a sample to keep and re-culture for the next batch, is made separately from the yogurt cultures.  You make a batch of mothers.  Then you make your yogurt from there.  You are going to make more than you need, so the unused mother cultures are also considered usable doses.

Tips for Re-Culturing:

  • The difference between a mother and “yogurt” you eat, has to do with the exposure to invading bacteria from the environment.
  •  The milk used to create the mother culture is taken to 160 degrees F.
  • Shelf-life before needing to re-culture a fresh mother is 5-7 days.  Miron glass might extend that estimate a day or two.
  • It is best not to take the re-culturing process past the second generation.  The third generation seems to loose about 30% of the noble strains.  What I notice is that to keep that third generation, you need to add a bit of milk and colostrum to the culture instead of the other way around.  It seems to not expand too much.  I will get more explicit with  my recommendations as I move through those generations.
  • Which means I make a lot of mothers, and use them to generate the next few rounds of yogurt making each one of them fresh and second generation.  This way, the next round, second gen, of yogurts is still viable.  Make many mothers from the first round.  Keep using the mothers from gen 1 until day 9.
  • Be prepared to start over from powder.
  • For the GcMAF’s noble strains, they will want to feed on the elements of colostrum.  (4 oz of liquid per liter or 2 TBS of powder).  I bought this one:
  • The MAF 314 instructions say once every 2 months to start over from powder.  (The instructions tend to have a percentage of lead time that they shorten)

Maintaining the GcMAF Yogurt

  • The yogurt you make will last two weeks in the refrigerator.
  • Plain glass will be fine for a few days
  • Miron Glass is recommended for the ones that go longer.



Here are the various choices of instructions that I have complied:

  1. Work clean.  Sterilize, etc.
  2. Use 1 liter of finest quality milk available
  3. Heat milk to: A.) Boil up the side  B.) small boil on the edge C.) 160 degrees for mothers D.) Raw milk for yogurt, not mothers, 110 degrees
  4. Remove from heat immediately.  Don’t stir.  A.) Cool down slowly to room temp of 68-86 degrees B.) Put it in the sink in ice water to stop it cooking
  5. Remove the “skin” from the milk and discard it.  It removes the Casein which many have trouble digesting.
  6. Transfer to warm glass bowl
  7. Add culture:  A.) 2 tablespoons of yogurt per cup of milk  B.) two envelopes of Bravo per liter of milk
  8. Let it “set”:  A.) Cover loosely with foil and let it sit at room temperature for 24.  If not set, continue up to 48 hrs B.) Put it in the yogurt machine in either jars or a bowl for 8-9 hrs. C.) The starter in the machine and the probiotic at room temperature then mix them together at the end.
  9. Move to the refrigerator A.) For at least 2 hours  B. For 12 hours
  10. Storage:  A.) Up to 2 weeks in the fridge  Do not freeze
  11. Consume: A.) 2 oz x 2 times per day B.) 3 Tablespoons for very clean people


Including the comfortable, happy attitude of taking the new puppy off of the shelf and now we are in the training stages.  are many happy alternatives.  The most important thing that happened is that I began to really hit my truth and stay in it.

Long-Term Storage

In the nomadic tribes before refrigeration, the women kept their family’s cultures viable by putting a small layer of soft yogurt culture on a clean cloth and letting it dry in the sun.  Then rolling up the cloth and carrying it with their things.

Today we use parchment paper and a dehydrator to stabilize live cultures for long term storage.  The Italian doctors who have developed the GcMAF yogurt are adamant about not freezing and not microwaving any part of the process.

Closing Remarks

We are co-existing as living and loving inter-species relationships that create the things we need within our bodies to live.  Pay conscious attention to the balance of the flora and the well being of the GcMAF inside you.   Do what you can for yourself to increase and sustain this type of balance.  During this process I noticed that I needed to pay way more attention to the relationships around me and how I participate with them.

We are to polarize the negativity energies that take out our guts.  Stress, loss, etc.  Finish your thoughts and feelings.  Finish those stressful events that have happened to you so that you are complete with them.  In all situations, find the loving and the good in all things.  Love the soul, positive energy and the lesson of each situation and individual. There is more than just one frequency in everything we meet.  Accentuate the Positive. Allow yourself to be present more and more until you can BE HERE NOW.  If we do our best to demonstrate how we love and to continue to love ourselves and those around us, we will create health, let go of the disease and make the best of it all.  ALL-WAYS.

While these nobel strains are around us, they demonstrate all of the Golden Rules.  If you pay attention, like I did, to what they want, they will help us.  They will show us what they want, who they are and how they live, who we are, what we need and how we need to live.  It is a microscopic version of creation all around us.


Instructions for Using Raw Milk (generally)

GmMAF 314 Instructions

Older Bravo instructions when the encouraged re-culturing

Bravo Easy Kit Instructions

Here are the Bravo Easy Instructions: (current)


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