Health from the inside!

I have been studying the procedures of making Bravo Probiotics.   It is expensive and I can use my sensitivities to make sure that the procedures actually create the conditions that are desired.  The goal is to increase the function of the intestinal flora to help us create things that we need for our body, our immune system and our intuition and greater consciousness.  Getting the powdered probiotics to our gut flora will restore it to the capacity that it can regain its ability to generate specific nutrition that restores our body to health.    Until now, health has been illusive because we are looking for clinical answers when all along, we needed more organic, circle of life type answers.

When the results of spontaneous healing show up, the results are usually found by doing decisive changes, by making steps to get stronger that are committed, consistent and pervasive.  By taking our diet into our hands and eating “for our bodies” the microbes that help us can live.  One can of soda can do lots of damage.  All sweeteners damage the flora.  We cannot be told what to do from the outside.  We need to take dominion of our inner awareness.  This dominion is not with an overbearing or negative approach such as control.  It is a sense of observation; a searching for the truth of what is right for us.

Food, oils, probiotics, exercise, and taking dominion of the energies in our field, emotions, and thoughts are all elements of how to walk through life as it happens to us.  Not wanting to participate leaves us wanting to hide, withdraw, and be unprepared for the simple things that come towards us.  This can lead to devastating illness.  Regardless of where we are, we can find our north star and lead ourselves back into a disease free life.

This article will help us get back on course.  Use your Light.  Use your gentleness.  Use your intention to heal your family!  Live in peace by working to clean yourself without the need for strong beliefs to hang onto.  Most importantly, connect to that which is your multidimensional self so that this “you” gets its senses back to run the show!

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