How to “Stretch your Bravo” and make your own 1/2 Pack to save money.

How to make your own 1/2 Pack to save money.

The very cheapest way to buy Bravo is on the stock order.  It only comes once per month
and allows us to pool our purchases to get a bigger discount.
Everyone wants to save money!
The best way to save money with Bravo is make it yourself!
Find out what level of purchase suits you for the Bravo starter powders.
Then buy them.  I recommend that when you are sure about Bravo that you stock pile!
Buying single packs, three packs and 13 packs are the best.
But what if you are living along and need a small jar to make things manageable?
Then you need the 1/2 pack.  Another good use of a half pack is when someone wants to try it without an investment that’s what it’s for! Buy it then, eh?
What if you want to split it yourself.  This is what I do.
I get a cutting board and tear off a piece of parchment paper (baking section of most stores) and tape it on.  I mark one side for part a then turn and mark the other for part b.  I get two business cards (1 for each part) and a lot of little zip locks that I bought on Amazon. 2×3 inch food grade (3 mil I think).  Or you can use glass jars or whatever, but remember, you will be keeping them in the refrigerator.
There is one more thing I use which is a small funnel with a 1″ neck.
One of our customers says you can add just a bit more milk and get just a bit more….
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