Bravo start up- What do I want to buy and how to “stretch your Bravo” purchase?

First let me say that the cheapest isn’t always the best!   For example the $15 charging glass could save your product from spoiling and the Bravo protocol could help stabilize and move your progress along much faster.  Is it better to slog along or take the zip line, or something in between.  I recommend either buying the luxury start or if you are going to use your
oven because you don’t want another appliance you can simply get the gift basket.  The simple start is for those people
who are cautious.  There is no way to loose on any of these purchases.  The yogurt maker will make yogurt too.  The
product is also a great probiotic.  Cheers!  Mimi
Here we compare the various ways to buy Bravo.

There are 3 ways to start.

Like it –  (most conservative) – buy a $25.50 1/2 pack of powder with first class shipping.   You get to see how it works but there is more to buy to get comfortable.
Love it – $95 (inc ship) (buy the fish). For those who have no energy, no time or perhaps are in a mental or physical bind. We will make the yogurt for you.  You start but you will quickly realize you can make it yourself.
Gotta have it – $115 (inc ship) the Luxury Start Package  (Learn to fish)
includes a yogurt maker, charging glass jar, Bravo starting powder, Bravo Protocol, and Colostrum to make the next match.  You can get farther and be more ready to take off.
It’s the smartest way to go!  I am sure we can agree that we need probiotics. This Bravo GcMAF is made from a fantastic array of probiotics. This is worth the effort to upgrade your health.  The cost of a probiotic of this quality is more than $65 per month.
You are also getting a Miron glass jar.  It is not a risk. It will charge any super food or water.
This yogurt machine can be used make any yogurt.  It is a yogurt maker.  It’s useful but there are other ways to do it.  Great. Skip it. Get the gift basket by itself.
If you are confident that you want to pursue the GcMAF track, (which in my opinion we all need) then, here is how to do it!  There isn’t much risk.
You are already getting the base value for your money even before we consider the value of the effect of the GcMAF.  What is the value of GcMAF?  Think about that!
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