Parasite Cleanse Protocol

This is an audio file from the Advanced call from Bravo from June 14, 2016.  It is a partial description to just help people who are starting to think about parasite cleanse.

A few things to learn to manage/kill with parasites:  (If you just master one, you run the risk of getting reinfected and exhausted.   Do one if that’s all you can do, and use the energy you gain to do more.  Just don’t push too hard or do to much.  It is “practice” and needed!  Here is a rule!  Rule: colon needs to be open to eliminate toxins. Otherwise, the toxins will reabsorb and go into the blood and then through the kidneys . . .  again and again. . . . If you can’t get rid of toxins, you will be exhausted!

  1. To kill adult parasites I use:
    1. Purely Holistic Parasite cleanse (AMAZON),  I use 5 per day when I am in cleanse mode.  (These types of remedies need to be rotated.)
    2. The Bravo Yogurt ( Using Bravo 2 oz in the morning and 2 oz at night, is like giving myself a healthy operating system update!  It (I) got my immune system out of auto immune and into a place where I could fight and remove my parasites. I had strength.  Perhaps not something that would make it up on the achievement board (because its hard to see that Bravo gave that to me. It always seems to be that we forget about weakness as soon as it goes away.) Then we forget to acknowledge how we got there which could lead to an interruption and a failure)  On Bravo, my achievements will make it to the achievement board!  I get things done that I definitely couldn’t do before!!! After about 9 months of taking Bravo, I consistently notice I can do more with no collapse.  I screw up and pay for it.  But I am human!  I am now a “human”worthy opponent to my attackers because if I don’t, these guys will win and weaken me and leave me in despair where I quickly trip over myself and fail.  WITH Bravo, I know that is not going to happen to me today!!!  I have certainty.  I seem to have clarity about what to do and don’t let the parasitic communication hormones get to me.  I shut them down by dedication to diet.  (more on diet below)
    3. OTC pin worm medication because it works and I am tired of them winning! I use Reese’s pin worm remedy (or the generic CVS brand is also very good) I use about 1 tbs daily for 3 weeks.  I will clean out the matrix homes of the parasites.  Warning: This med is intended for a single dose which clearly doesn’t work.  However, more will begin to dissolve not just the transportation tubes but the things that keep your blood vessels together and hair shafts standing erect.  I can’t risk going into cancer which is where this would go if I let it.  For me, this is a risk of damage/results.  As with all meds…
  2. Jelly nests – These little parasite homes have a biofilm around it.  In these nests, they lay 20,000 eggs per day.  This is part of their winning strategy which you must manage.   stop absorption of nutritens and ultimately shut down digestion. also can live in liver, brain, etc.  lymph may get clogged while eliminating but go slowly.  You must keep in tune with what you can eliminate!!
    1. I use Klaire Labs – Interfase Plus I bought it on amazon.  this cuts the jelly which is called bio-film.  Read the reviews for other things that people have used that work.  Don’t stop till it works FOR YOU.  Everyone is different.
    2. You will need some sort of “chelation” to move the bugs.  It is different for everyone but a few of them are:  JUST ONE!!!  these are really strong.
      1. MMS link – I use this with an enema bulb to get the jelly nests.  It works.
      2. Food Grade 17% Hydrogen Peroxide
      3. EDTA
        1. more parents use topical transdermal DMSA creams (Keladine EDTA cream) and gluthanione gels on their autistic children. This approach, combined with MSM as a skin permeability enhancer, allows for heavy metals to be removed more slowly while lowering the risks of overdosing on any particular chelator, particularly in children.
      4. Good quality Vitamin C such as
        1. Take it to “bowel tolerance”  which means loosening of the bowels which means take a bit more all the time  until you reach this stage then back down and hold it there for a little while so your body can clean.  Stop before you exhaust  yourself.  You should feel good.
      5. Plague remedy –  this one might be able to be used with others it is more food based and taints the food in your system so that bugs don’t want it.  Not bad!
  3. Parasite eggs –  Hulda Clark taught us about cloves to kill eggs and it works but not if they are hiding in the jelly nests!  Don’t take cloves unless you are using a biofilm cutter.  I use 15 cloves per day when I am in my 3-4 week cycle. Nothing can get to them in there.  so keep going with cloves and Jelly nest after you stop the pin worm remedy.
  4. reinfection of eggs   It is contagious so you have to be careful about vacuuming and changing sheets, etc, once you get to the end.   I use a tea tree oil shampoo which helps to kill them from the body.  but mostly, you just have to keep going and WIN
  5. diet – the parasites jack your communication system and tell you its FINE to eat chips, nuts, cheese.  etc, etc.  What?  That isn’t me?  Nope.  and they will get stronger.  Get yourself on a ketogenic diet!  Burn fats not sugars.  very different view of life.  You don’t have to change  your diet but there is a risk.  cancer eats sugar.  Nests can take up the cells and they can turn into cancer in the adolescent phases,  if you have ever been an adolescent, they are in charge of reproduction.  This is where they can get reckless and pull in tissue.  Why take the risk of starting cancer or continuing it.  Keep going giving yourself the strength to get better.  Do what works for you and  not what doesn’t
  6. The cancer part has to have negative frequencies.  Tune in (literally) to remove them. there is always a rattle snake under illness..  but if there is not, the cancer will not manifest it will be on the edge….  Get off the edge.  Keep going.



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