The Grass Roots Food Movement of Good Health: make your own fresh pressed seed oil.

Of all the things that I have become fascinated with, fresh oil is one of my favorites.  It is one of those ingredients that if harnessed makes the difference between a world class chef prepared meal and all of the rest.  It is simply life changing.  It is delicious and undoubtably healthy for the body and like all goodness, you must attract it and work for it.

When I go to the farm to get fresh goat’s milk and I sample it, I believe that I can “taste” the grass in it!  But by the next day the depth and complexity are gone and instead, I have what is commonly known as milk.  Yet the allure of that fresh, complex, rich and deep taste will linger and be life changing if combined with other elements of  a meal.

The depth of the taste of the fresh oil is just as hard to describe.  I can taste what must be the life of the seed, its broken husk popped open, and its preciousness spilled.  But it isn’t there for very long.  I just wish others could have the chance to experience this fascinating experience but unless you are along side me while I am pressing, it will remain illusive because whatever “it” is, it breaks down very quickly.

The value is probably available in any “cold pressed” oil as the cells burst and give up their oil.  The explosion of life force is the key and it just doesn’t have all that movement after a few hours.  That is my best explanation.  The food still  has movement at a micro cellular level and it is of course the life force that feeds us!

Let me show you how to get that oil for yourself.  I purchased a hand turned screw press from Amazon.  It was made in the Netherlands. It is called a Piteba.  I don’t recommend it any more because it is just too hard to clean.  the seed press gets caught and you have to soak it out.  It isn’t an easy thing because you have to spend 20 mins cranking and heating.

Its fun to show kids how to do it close up.  But for use, I have moved on.  (see below)

This is what I use.  I use it for my food, I use it in and on my dinner and also for oil pulling right after dinner. (same time each day) So my cells can detoxify.  (Search Simply Mimi for oil pulling and Budwig)

On amazon, they have an electric one.  It has a heater on it to get the press casing warm to make the seeds easier to burst.  softens them but doesn’t heat the past “cold pressed”.

I bought this one when it was $500 in Oct of 2016 and don’t regret it.  I recommend this for anyone culinary who wants the magic of fresh pressed oil.  (within 1 hour).  I make some for my dinner, pull off the screw and casing and put them in the dishwasher.  The press is big and lives in my garage but it is so worth it.  I just have to get used to using it in short bursts.  Instead of keeping the oil in a jar, I keep the seeds pre-measured in a jar.  I also find I can add things like milk thistle seeds to clean the liver, cilantro seeds for a bit of spice, celery seed, etc. to build the herbs right into my oil.  Amazing.

I can pull the screw and the casing off with 4 bolts and put them in the dishwasher.  It’s part of making dinner for me!

You can always buy the “next best thing”.  Buy the magic (oleic acid) which we need for the Vit D channel and immune system, isn’t as present.  There is a special something that it has that is incredible if you can feel subtle energies.

Which is cold pressed pure fresh artisan level oil.  Here is where to buy it and how they make it:

If you are getting into oils, I recommend that you take a look into this nobel laureate for some keys!  It is available in a very neat package here:

Find out how essential healthy oils are to our health!!!  For more info about how to free yourself in this way, consider becoming an oil burning human!  See how that can self-actualize your psychological state as well!  Here we look into the work of this wonderful Russian physician whose autistic son nurtured (what I consider to be) a great work of art to enter this world.

I am an oil burning, ketogenic, leaf eating, fresh, complex, deep and well put together human being.  You are invited to be one too.  Take a deep breath, call in the Light for the Highest Good, and dive in!

It’s a beautiful world hey hey!!

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