Dr. Budwig’s protocol

Healing Intention:  To charge the body’s batteries so that its immune system functions properly, removing parasitic colonies and restoring electrical and nutritional balance.

A clear, happy and balanced environment and activity with low stress will allow health to emerge through happy energized cell division.  Dead batteries will not sustain the body!

Dr Ruggiero recommends his product called Rerum.  Here, you can extract the elements of Rerum to see how it works for you and then possibly moving to using Rerum as you feel the need and see the benefit.  Rerum is Oleic Acid, Sulfer, and Bravo is in its protocol.  We can substitute the Bravo for the cottage cheese or kefir which is used in the Budwig protocol and use our own very super fresh oils.  This is a wonderful upgrade combination of Ruggiero, Budwig, and Gerson for powerful intervention and interruption of any disease cycle.

You can have custom pressed fresh oils made especially for you and overnighted that same day on ice.  Have the most incredibly fresh oil possible without doing it yourself at BravoCoop.com. 🙂   Of course, you can press your own fresh oils for yourself.  check it out here.

Put on your study hat. . . . Let’s dive in .  . . Some info from the internet…

The basis of Dr. Budwig’s protocol is the ingestion of a special oil-protein mixture in the form of organic cold-pressed flaxseed oil plus cottage cheese (“quark” in Europe). When you blend together, cottage cheese and linseed (flaxseed) oil in your blender, the fat becomes water-soluble and thereby are immediately available for use by the body. This provides a necessary “spark plug” for cells to “breathe”,  optimally detoxify, and function.  This is specifically important when it comes to cell division and resisting microbial invasion.  You feed and water your plants.  Now you can feed, water, and oil your cells for optimal live and vitality.

Before you proceed to reading any further, please know not everybody reacts the same to this or any other treatment. In any healing diet or protocol one may undertake, please respect the amazing influence of the Mind, belief, emotions energetic and spiritual factors, on disease and healing.  If you have trouble with blood thinning or blood diseases, check out this video of precautions because oils can thin the blood. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jso_wbpXirg

Dr. Budwig has literally pulled people back from death’s doorstep with her relatively easy-to-implement protocol; and doubtless, her powerful confidence-inducing personality. The “Budwig diet” is based on the critical importance of the right fatty acids plus sunlight (via D and K2), and the deleterious effect of the wrong fats. This regimen has been hailed by some as the best fundamental healing approach for many stricken with a cancer challenge.

Get a touch of overview and understanding about how important the recharging is here:

Treating Causes of Cancer and Not Symptoms

Why is the Budwig protocol so successful? It addresses the four main causes of cancer and most other chronic illnesses, which are:

  • Viruses and other harmful microbes (bacteria, viruses, fungus and parasites),
  • Toxins, (ie. Chemical toxins, as well as emotional shock and/or stress),
  • Inadequate cellular nutrition causing malfunction of major organs and a lack of adequate oxygen in the cells,
  • Weak or compromised Immune system.

    Method:  Healthy fats and sulfur balance through proper water/oil emulsification.  There is a way to make an oil like flax oil, able to be absorbed into our bodies through blending the oils and waters properly.  Here in the food we are doing it with a mixer but in the body as it stands, it is known as EXERCISE.  Remixing your healthy fats and waters and keeping the septic waters moving in your body.  You will want to move your body!

    Ingredients of this program:  Wholesome fats to clean and allow healthy cell division. Sulfur from the dairy and nutrition to access proper cell division. Vitamin D & K2 or sunshine and exercise, (Did I say that already?)


3 Main Ingredients:

Flax meal (1 TBS) –

  •                         Do not buy pre-ground flax seed as the flax seed goes rancid 15 mins
  •                         Brown or Golden whole Flaxseed is available and either will work.
  •                         Buy organic whenever possible to eliminate chemical contamination
  •                         Grind fresh each time in a blender or coffee grinder

Organic Cottage Cheese or Bravo GcMAF Yogurt (4 TBS)

  •                        Raw organic dairy (or best available) to be used to culture the Bravo
  •                        Use your particular current dose of Bravo when building for the 1st month
    •                          Use 1/2 the amount of bravo for flax oil measurement
    •                          USE 1/4 the amount of bravo for flax meal measurement
  •                        It’s okay to substitute other  cottage cheese to make more.
  •                        Less Bravo is more! Use the right amount for yourself to feel great.

Organic cold pressed Flax Seed Oil (2 TBS)

  •                        Watch the expiration date for the freshest available
  •                        Don’t use use Flavored, Lignum or Highest Lignum
  •                        Look in the refrigerated section of the grocery or health food store
  •                        Never off the shelf. Never capsule or flakes
  •                        Contact BravoCoop.com for freshly made, over-nighted custom blends


Mixer: Mixing the ingredients is easy if you have a vitamix type blender, nutribullet, or you can use a coffee grinder and immersion blender.

Concept: The concept is to mix the fresh ingredients and not to have any standing oil.  It is mixed into a creamy quality where the oil is resolved.

Start with the flax seeds and grind dry seeds into a powder. Then add the other ingredients and continue to blend to a creamy quality where the oil has been absorbed.  This won’t take long and more mixing is not better.

If you wish to add nutrition such as tumeric, sprouts, a few green leaves, or a few pieces of fruit, they can be added.  Heavy foods or supplements should be taken at a separate time such as 1/2 hour before or after.

Make the mixture fresh each time and eat it immediately for best results

Here’s the link to one (YouTube) page showing how to combine the Flax Oil and Cottage Cheese in a video.

The above protocol should not be consumed with any other supplements, foods or oils at the same time. This should be a stand alone meal.

and here is an alternative http://youtu.be/RqP-0b2ilq4

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