Heal yourself of Interstitial Cystitis

Sorry for such a quick explanation.  You might not be able to do it yourself but these are notes to get you to me and more teaching…  mimi@bravocoop.com

funny you should mention not finding anyone to help the misery of Interstitial Cystitis.

I know what causes it and what to do about it.
I cured my mom’s and the  urologist confirmed and asked me to go into the research lab and teach them.
I don’t have time to explain right now, sorry.
I have a trillion things to do to make my flight tomorrow to do a trillion more things.
If you email me gently and keep me focused, I will get to it.
Here is the headlines.  go through the things that have set off alarm bells in your life.
ask if they are still necessary and turn off the alarms.
There are probably 20 of them.
the bladder hears them because it is the organ of “being present” you don’t hear them.
because they happen at a different level.  car alarms, disturbing get out of the building alarms.
mom was in assisted living and the alarms would go off 3-4 times a week!!!
(new construction)  it would set all her internal ones off.  she is very conscientious but who knew
to turn off disturbing reminders of things that are important.
got it?
You will then experience peace and the cells will take off their ear muffs. aka noice cancelling ear muffs.
and throw them away and all the toxins will leave.
Bravo will help with it all
being aware
coating and soothing
cleaning the toxins
filling the holes
helping you to see that its an alarm
dealing with the stress…
Bravo is a champ. and a friend.
I guess I am too!!!
hope this helps.
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