Emulsification and Physical Health

Oil and water don’t mix, unless they do.

Emulsifiers have been used to make the bridge between oil (or fats) and water.  This issue has become evident when cottage cheese turns into curds and whey.  What if our brains turn into “cottage cheese” and cease to the functioning agent it once was.

What I do to emulsify milk before I make Bravo GcMAF yogurt is to shake it.  It brings the milk looking happy again and being properly connected.  If it gets old or frozen.  (Yes, I do use frozen milk if I have to for my own batch.  It’s surprising how the yogini’s children don’t have any Bravo!)  When I did this, the liquid appeared to break.  I shook it but this time it wasn’t enough!  The liquid stayed broken or separated through out the batch.

To save it, I drained off the whey and saved the curd.  That worked okay but I had a jar of whey with no GcMAF and there was no turning back.  It was saved for the moment but I had to figure it all out.  This blog post is my learnings or musings.

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