Mimi’s Notes on Dr. Ruggiero’s talk on Brain MicroBiota May 17, 2017

Description of a Novel Probiotic Concept: Implications for the Modulation of the Immune System and for the Gut and Brain Microbiota

by Dr. Marco Ruggiero MD PhD

May 17, 2017

An article by this name was recently published in the American Journal of Immunology

It discusses the importance of the brain microbiota and how to reconstitute it.  As well as the role of the immune system in connecting the gut and the brain microbiota.

He refers to talks Dr. Ruggiero & John Gray PhD give at The Microbiome Medicine Summit 

Dr. Ruggiero may be the first to coin the words brain microbiota and how it relates to neurodegenerative diseases in a paper listed in PubMed November 2016

Fecal Microbiota Transplantation and the Brain Microbiota in Neurological Diseases.

Or read it here:      http://simplymimi.net/archives/871

He says that it is not his discovery.  The presence of microbes in the brain of healthy individuals had been described by Canadian researches since 2013.

Brain microbial populations in HIV/AIDS: a-protecbacteria predominate independent of host immune status

The topic here is the description of microbes inside our brain.  Inside our heads, together with the neurons and glial cells of the brain are the same microbes that you find in soil and water.  They are carried by the immune system by activated lymphocytes and macrophages which react a Trojan horse mechanism to transport microbial entry into the nervous system across the blood brain barrier.

Of extreme importance is the immense capacity for the microbes to influence brain function.  The superlatives could not be greater!  The function of the brain and the function of the mind is dependent on the correct balance of the microbes.

They published two papers about it in 2015.  One states that the microbes may be responsible for the evolution of the brain since they are only found in primates.  Evolution of the hominid brain: A review of variations in size and shape, S. Magherini * G. Morucci * J. J V Branca * S. Pacini * M. G. Fiore * M Ruggiero * B. Chiarelli  (Human Evolution) Published on 01 Jan 2015

In 2015, we published four papers where we describe the role of specific genes in the evolution of the human brain.  A bioinformatics study of NAGPA, GNPTAB and GNPTG, three genes likely involved in the development of speech and language in homo sapiens, M. G. Fiore * F.Madino * M. Ramazzotti * M. Ruggiero * S. Magherini * S. Pacini * B. Chiarelli (Human Evolution) Published on 01 Jul 2015

We describe the role of a number of genes in the evolution of the human brain.

  • Most interesting is this gene, termed RUNX2 (Runt-related transcript factor 2).
  • In 2015, we described the role of this gene in the evolution of the human brain.
  • Interestingly, this gene is involved in conditions as diverse as cancer and autism.
  • The following slide shows our papers on this topic and two example papers describing the role of RUNX-2 in cancer (of the breast) and autism.

Metopic suture and RUNX2, a key transcription factor in osseous morphogenesis with possible importance implications for human brain evolution.    Magherini S, Fiore MG, Chiarelli B, Serrao A, Paternostro F, Morucci G, Branca JJ, Ruggiero M, Pacini S.

ending for today at minute 7:46

Please come back soon for more information… I am still working on it over this weekend.


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