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*You can now Normalize Your Immune System, and Allow Your Immune System to Eliminate Your Autoimmune Condition. (See list of conditions below.)
By Dr. Ronald P. Drucker

Read this short site: John 8:32    “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Using Natural Immune Modulating Components to Eliminate the Root-Cause Autoimmune Attack:

I have done this over and over again, for the last 20 plus years, and I will tell you; It Is Not Complicated unless we choose to make it complicated. Your DNA, family history, non-success with doctors and/or methods, drugs, and diets, has little or no bearing on what we are doing here through the restoration of normal, accurate, Immune System function.

The only group who is not successful with this healing process, is the group who does not follow instructions.

Begin the healing process by following directions as outlined below and communicate with The Pristine Support Team if and when you require assistance during the healing process. 1-888-671-2873

For any Autoimmune driven condition: (See List Below): Your initial dosage schedule would be: Take one capsule of the immune modulating components the first day, two capsules the second day, three the third, etc. until reaching 8 capsules on day number 8. Hold at 8 capsules per day until healed. Submit a progress report every 30 days and communicate with Support.

Take 1/2 of your dosages in the morning, and 1/2 in the evening. Capsules may be taken with or without food. Capsules are a medium size 500mg kosher veggie-capsule. Capsules may be swallowed, or capsule contents mixed with liquids, foods, or shakes. Capsules contain pure, concentrated, natural, organic, plant-derived immune modulating components classified as food material for the immune system. There are No other ingredients.

Capsules may be taken with or without any medication or supplement. There are No reactions or contraindications with Any medication or supplement. As symptoms and conditions improve, have your doctor wean you from the medications until completely off.

Do Not make the most common mistake reported: Feeling good (70, 80, 90% better), then dropping the dosages too soon. Be certain to communicate with Support prior to reducing dosages. 1-888-671-2873

The immune modulators are here: store.digestaqure.com

If you are a person who is Serious about healing your conditions, and can display patience in a healing process, then feel free to call my private number. Note: I do not sell products, or charge for services. I will simply tell you how to heal.

Dr. Ronald P. Drucker  |  954-547-0487
3 Facts to Remember:

    1. Restoration of accurate immune function eliminates current autoimmune diseases, and allows one to avoid future autoimmune diseases.
    1. Avoiding Disease with All Systems Immune Support equals Cell Preservation which is the most effective anti-aging regimen.
  1. The cost of healing the immune system is 1/1000 the cost of a lifetime of compounding autoimmune diseases and premature aging.

Dr. Ronald P. Drucker

Click here to see the average healing time frame reported for Your Condition.

    1. Would you be shocked to learn that your autoimmune condition (See list), which your pharma/medical establishment trained doctor told you is “incurable,” is in reality very easily eliminated, simply by restoring accurate immune function?
    1. Would you be shocked to learn that the pharma/medical establishment purposely does not provide training or instruction to the doctors concerning proper immune function restoration?
    1. Did you know that Autoimmunity brings in an estimated One Trillion Dollars annually to the pharma/medical establishment?
    1. Do you understand that training the doctors to restore normal immune function would be industry-suicide, eliminating the One Trillion Dollars annually, which is 85% of the industry annual gross?
    1. Do you now understand why a medical system trained doctor or specialist will be highly unlikely to show you how to restore normal immune function to heal the AUTOIMMUNITY, or even discuss it with you? Gain a deeper understanding on this subject here.

By the request of Dr. C. NORMAN SHEALY, MD, PhD, President of The American Holistic Medical Association (AHMA), Dr. Drucker will be teaching hundreds of practitioners to Eliminate Autoimmunity at the 2017 International Holistic Medicine Summit: June 12th – 15th. Consider attending.

Note: Whenever I speak about Healing or Eliminating disease, I am speaking of the immune system’s innate ability to do so, not the doctor, or myself.

Dr. DruckerDr. Drucker is a natural healing physician with 21 years of experience in healing Autoimmune Conditions, spreading the word about healing Autoimmune Conditions, and teaching other physicians how to heal autoimmune conditions. “I am able to openly teach any individual or practitioner, and spread the word that these “incurable conditions” are indeed very easily healed, because I am an independent who is not selling drugs or supplements, and who is not being compensated by any party who is. I am referring the individual and practitioner to a healing procedure, and I am charging no fees to do so.” Contact Me

But I thought my condition was “incurable.” ???
And likewise, so did every person I have ever educated on Immune Restoration. Read their reports here.

By extracting, stabilizing, and concentrating the active healing ingredients in aloe, DigestaCure® AUTOIMMUNE-X® contains over Thirty (30) times the active healing ingredients compared to any other product, as confirmed via independent size-exclusion chromatography testing.

From the Published Research Studies, and my direct experience, the active ingredients in DigestaCure® AUTOIMMUNE-X®:

  • Are incorporated into the cell membranes throughout the body, enhancing the membranes effectiveness regarding a number of known functions.
  • Create a dramatic overall improvement of the assimilation of nutrients through the digestive tract, AND the intake of nutrients through the cell membranes.
  • Help stop and prevent the damage and leakage of the intestinal wall (leaky-gut syndrome), thereby alleviating the stress from the immune system.
  • Protect the mucous membranes lining the respiratory, gastrointestinal, and genitourinary tracts resulting in an increased resistance to infections, irritations, inflammation, and subsequently tissue lining degeneration.
  • Restore the glycocalyx coatings on the surfaces of killer cells enabling the killer cells to identify disease causing germs and destroy them, instead of blindly attacking the tissues of the body (Anti-Autoimmunity).
  • Provide much of the language (coding) of The Code of Life for cellular recognition, intracellular communication, and communication between cells (intercellular) and the immune system.
  • Possess immune modulating and immune stimulating effects. Stimulate accurate antibody production (by leukocytes) and an increase in the number of accurate killer T-cells produced. This expresses the tremendous importance in these immune stimulating functions. The levels of accurate antibodies present in our blood directly affects our ability to destroy pathogenic (disease causing) organisms. The killer T-cells are among our first line of defense in destroying dangerous bacteria and viruses and may even protect us from those responsible for an array of cancers.
  • Possess anti-inflammatory functions particularly effective in autoimmune diseases, due in part to the specific inhibition of leukotriene B-4, a highly pro-inflammatory substance.
  • Are likely to reduce the incidence of cancer, stroke, and heart disease, along with all autoimmune diseases. This is due primarily to the scientifically established fact that chronic inflammation increases the incidence of these conditions.
  • Contain antioxidant and free radical scavengers. The importance of antioxidants to overall health and longevity is profound. Antioxidants prevent the destruction of DNA by protecting the strands form the free radicals responsible for the destruction of DNA. Research indicates that the amounts and quality of antioxidants we consume are directly proportional to how long we will live and the quality of our lives.
  • Enhance the excretion of toxins from the cells, both intracellular and extracellular, by a unique process known as exocytosis.
  • Possess anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-yeast, anti-fungal, anti-mold, and anti-parasitic effects which are of particular interest especially today, linked to the increased incidence of antibiotic resistant strains of pathogens that are no longer responsive to treatment. This further establishes why the ingestion of these active ingredients are so helpful in preventing, normalizing, and correcting so many digestive tract disorders.
  • Possess hypoglycemic and blood sugar normalizing functions in both Type I and Type II diabetics.
  • Contain an insulin-like growth factor that lowers the required amount of insulin needed to maintain normal blood sugar levels.
  • Reduce the amount of insulin needed, thereby reducing cardiovascular risk factors and stress on the pancreas and likely increasing its useful life.
  • Enhance chemotaxis, the migration of immune cells to a site of injury or infection, eliminating infections, and thereby initiating the repair and healing response; promoting tissue growth and regeneration.

Stem cell therapy doctors are presently finding and commenting that patients taking DigestaCure AUTOIMMUNE-X over periods of months, possess up to 1000% (Ten Times) Higher Healthy Stem Cell Counts.

Stem Cells Heal and Regenerate the Body. Regenerative medicine has been called the “next evolution of medical treatments,” by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. “With its potential to heal, this new field of science is expected to revolutionize health care.”

Your stem cells are released at a rate proportional to the amount of injury or damage occurring in the body. If stem cell quantities are inadequate to meet the need, tissue degeneration will occur. Persons aging, suffering with disease, or with poor health in general are commonly found to possess low stem cell counts. In order for the body to prevent premature aging (organ and tissue degeneration), and to heal from existing organ and tissue damage, an adequate supply of stem cells must be present and available on demand by the body.

The more stem cells which are readily available at the time or ongoing times of need, the greater your body’s ability to effectively repair organ and tissue damage, AND the faster the repair and regeneration can take place. Whether your goal is to build your stem cell counts for optimum health, to battle present disease, or to build your body’s reserves prior to stem cell therapy, the higher your stem cells count, the better the health position you are in.
Begin your healing process today.

Did you know that God desires your Temple (your body) which houses your Soul, to be Free from illness?
3 John 1:2    “Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul.”

What people are saying:

What is an immune modulator and where can I get a high concentration of them?

DigestaCure® AUTOIMMUNE-X® capsules are the potent Immune Modulating Components utilized by over 100 of the nation’s top immune restoration practitioners.

An immune modulator is a natural, plant-derived component designed by nature for the support and restoration of the immune systems in mammals. For the last 70 years, through procedures designed for profits, the food industry has unintentionally yet progressively depleted the immune modulating components from the food supply. This depletion is directly correlated to the rise of autoimmune conditions.

For the last 21 years I have been testing immune modulating formulas and products. Through extensive testing, I have found and use by far, the most potent and effective formula available.

Until I find a more potent product, this is the one I will recommend. Anyone may contact the organic growers of the immune modulating components directly. You may go directly to the organic growing operation (Pristine) to reserve your needed amounts of immune modulators here.

Take the natural formula as directed and communicate with Support during the healing process. The Support Team is free and very knowledgeable, therefore use them to your advantage. You may also contact me for further assistance: Click Here

Because of caring practitioners and people like You, the suffering are presently finding the natural, side-effect-free, root-cause solution, at a rate exceeding eleven thousand persons per day. Dr. Ronald P. Drucker

* Not all persons will experience the same result in the same time frame which will vary from person to person.

If you have an Autoimmune Condition, the root-cause attacking force within your body Must BeEliminated As Soon As Possible, for the progressive damage to the organs over time is widespread.

Examples: The Autoimmune attack present in the body progressively causes:

Liver Disease

Heart Disease

Kidney Disease

Stomach Disease

Thyroid Disease

Adrenal Disease

Gallbladder Disease

Intestinal Disease

Colon Disease

Lung Disease

Why the Urgency?

The industry-trained medical doctor will very rarely explain to the patient that when you have the Autoimmune Attack within your body, it can change direction of attack at any time, or begin attacking multiple systems, organs, or tissues of your body. In other words, when one autoimmune condition (area of attack) is present, multiple areas of attack usually follow, thus compounding diagnoses of diseases occur as time moves forward.

The industry-trained medical doctor commonly discusses each autoimmune condition, or area of attack, as if each were an individual misfortune. The reality is, each organ, or area of attack, is being assaulted by the same root-cause; the malfunctioning immune system (Autoimmunity). Treating each area of attack, as if each were an individual misfortune is very profitable for the industry, and life-threating for the patient.

The root-cause autoimmune attack on the body must be eliminated at the source, for inflammation and symptoms to subside, and for healing to occur.

Begin the healing process by feeding your immune system precisely what it requires to restore normal function, and stop the attack at the source: Immune Modulating Components.

Check the box beside all of your known or suspected Conditions, then proceed to the Symptoms section below:

  • Check the box beside all of the Symptoms you are experiencing, then read below:

  • *If You checked Any of the Conditions above, and/or three or more of the Symptoms listed, unless your doctor’s diagnosis was incorrect, you have Autoimmunity.

    *When immunity is normalized and Autoimmunity addressed, the driving force behind these Conditions and Symptoms is addressed.

    Begin your Healing Process by reserving a supply of the immune modulating capsules from the organic grower. 1-888-671-2873

    Communicate with the Support Team during the healing process whenever you need assistance. 1-888-671-2873

    Dr. Ronald P. Drucker

    If you are a person who is Serious about healing your conditions, and can display patience in a healing process, then feel free to call my private number. Note: I do not sell products, or charge for services. I will simply tell you how to heal. Dr. Ronald P. Drucker 954-547-0487


    *Note: This Conditions and Symptoms list is for informational purposes only and not to be confused as an official diagnosis. Consult your licensed health professional for an in office examination and diagnosis.

Dr. Ronald. P. Drucker: What I do, and what I do not do:

    1. I do not claim to cure diseases personally. I do not make claims for cures for disease. I inform the public and the practitioner how to restore normal immune function, and the human immune system takes care of the rest.
    1. I do not preach theories in regard to immune restoration. I bring awareness to the mountain of independent scientific research published over the last 40 years on immune modulation, and the profound results of immune efficiency. Many of these same principles outlined in studies conducted by scientists who received the 2013 Noble Prize in Physiology or Medicine.
    1. I discuss my experiences. My First Amendment rights allow me to discuss and broadcast the healings which I have witnessed. I have the right to inform the public and practitioner on my experiences, and the concurring science behind immune restoration.
    1. I do not manufacture or sell drugs or products. Through experience, I recommend the formulations which I have found to be most effective. If and when new formulations become available which prove to outperform those which I have worked on and used, I will recommend the new. I am not compensated by any drug or supplement company, nor do I receive perks of any form.
    1. I do not make claims that the products I recommend cure diseases. From Experience, I state that when consistently feeding the immune system the natural components (outlined in the studies) which these products contain, for varying numbers of months, I have repeatedly witnessed patients with “incurable” autoimmune conditions, significantly, and in the majority of cases, fully recover in the same period of time. This has held consistently true for mild cases, moderate cases, and cases of severity, over and over again. The practitioners properly utilizing my healing procedure report similar levels of success. My First Amendment rights allow me to report my knowledge and experiences to the public.
    1. I have a mission to expose the truth, and heal all who are suffering needlessly. My Mission is to inform the public and the practitioner of the obvious, and to make the obvious common knowledge; Metaphorically, there is a brilliant all-knowing doctor which lives within our bodies. His name is “Dr. Immunity.” His powers extend far beyond the basic areas of prevention commonly associated or understood. He is a brilliant healer. Many say he was created by God. When he receives the natural tools he requires, there is little which he is unable to prevent or heal. His healing brilliance is beyond human comprehension. He is a fierce competitor to the medical/drug cartel, far superior in talents, the eliminator of profits, and widely ignored in the medical journals as a result. He will not be promoted by the Pharma-controlled media. He has the ability to heal while causing no harm. He renders most pharmaceuticals obsolete. He is pro-patient, subsequently; anti-disease industry. He is loved by the patient and feared by the industry. Among the enlightened, he is rapidly becoming known as the Healer of Chronic Degenerative Diseases.

Click here for pet directions


Dr. DruckerI am able to openly teach any individual or practitioner, and spread the word that these “incurable conditions” are indeed very easily healed, because I am an independent who is not selling drugs or supplements, and who is not being compensated by any party who is. I am referring the individual and practitioner to a healing procedure, and I am charging no fees to do so.

For the last 21 years, I have been involved in healing Autoimmune Conditions, spreading the word about healing Autoimmune Conditions, and teaching other physicians how to heal autoimmune conditions.

Dr. Ronald P. Drucker, B.S.M.T. (A.S.C.P.), D.C.

7958 Pines Blvd. #138
Pembroke Pines, FL 33024
E-mail: heal@drrondrucker.com
Phone: (954) 547-0487

*In some conditions, varying levels of tissue damage from the years under the autoimmune attack may remain to varying degrees. In all cases, this fact becomes a moot point, for the autoimmune attack must be eliminated as soon as possible before causing more damage in multiple areas.

Necessary Legal Disclaimer: Anything posted on this website or any attachment thereto is intended for educational and/or informational purposes only. Dr. Drucker is sharing his experience and opinions. No doctor-patient relationship is established or implied. The information provided concerns the principle of ignoring the disease and restoring the immune system. Nothing here should be construed as an attempt to diagnose, prescribe, prevent, or treat any physical, mental, or emotional health ailment, disease, or condition. Individual results may vary from person to person and there is no guarantee of results. Doctor Drucker does not claim to cure diseases. Doctor Drucker is stating that the immune system in proper mode, has the innate ability to heal, and in his experience, does. Consult your licensed health professional for consultation, examination, testing, diagnosis, advice and treatment of any medical condition. The information on this website is not a replacement for a thorough consultation and examination from a licensed health professional. Users must indemnify and hold harmless the author from all claims, demands, obligations, liabilities, suits and proceedings, (including claims for defamation, trade disparagement, privacy and intellectual property infringement) and damages (including attorney’s fees and costs ) arising in connection with information posted on the web site or submitted by the User. Users may not copy the website content, either entirely or for commercial gain. The website content is protected by copyright, and other intellectual property laws. Under no circumstances will the author be liable to the user or any third party for any damages, costs, lost profits, or lost opportunity, or indirect, special, consequential, incidental or punitive damages, based upon use of information posted on the website or edited by the author even if the author has been advised of the possibility of such injuries. If you do not agree with the above, you should leave this website. Nothing contained herein should be construed as medical advice, no warrantees are given, nor implied and no liability whatsoever will be acknowledged for any use or misuse or the information contained herein. No HIPPA guarantee is given, nor can there be any guarantee of confidentiality and therefore nothing should be stated that you would not want to be viewed by anyone. Nothing herein is approved by any governmental agency. If you do not agree with anything on this website, any attachment there to or any email associated with it, delete it immediately and ignore its’ content.

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