The Human Microbiota and the Immune System; Reflections on Immortality

A new publication from Dr. Marco Ruggiero MD, PhD

Wth the hope of doing something good, I take the liberty to attach the latest paper of mine as it is published in the Madridge Journal of Immunology and entitled “The Human Microbiota and the Immune System; Reflections on Immortality.”


In this study I elaborate on the concepts put forward in the recent paper of ours describing the results observed by Dr. Jerry Blythe, MD, a long-time cancer survivor and marathon runner, who embarked in a three-month experience of intermittent fasting and Bravo consumption (attached).

In the study of Dr. Blythe, we demonstrate that Bravo yogurt leads to elimination through the urine of a number of chemical toxicants stored in fat. In other words, Bravo yogurt detoxifies the body of the harmful chemicals.

Elimination through the urine of a number of chemicals that are known endocrine disruptors led to significant improvement of thyroid function as demonstrated by the decrease of TSH.

As it is described in our study, the detoxifying effect of Bravo is due to three mechanisms that, in turn, are due to the Bravo proprietary microbial formulation:

1. Instantaneous binding and elimination of toxicants.
2. Improved renal function with increased elimination of toxicants.
3. Increased production of anti-oxidant molecules and enzymes.

In addition, Dr. Blythe describes a significant improvement of immune system function as demonstrated by decrease of Nagalase. These data are consistent with the known immune-modulatory properties of Bravo and with the removal of chemical toxicants that are known to affect the immune system.

In my latest essay I discuss how the positive interactions we observed in the case of Dr. Blythe have to be interpreted in the wider context of the exchange of information between the human and the microbial part of ourselves.

Since the study is in the public domain, please feel free to share and use it.

I remain at your service for any further information I may provide.



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