How to avoid joint pain and knee replacements and your sweet tooth

Hi! Mimi here.

This is a recording of an initial session where I  lays out the fundamental aspects of protecting your body, finding out what happened, and what to do about a specific issue.  In this case, it could lead to bad knees and knee replacements for a young man who can avoid them if he uses the direction suggested in this audio.

It also talks about what to do with a sweet tooth and how that relates to the underpinnings of disease.

The recording is an actual consultation session.  It is a good idea to listen through it.  You can see where it is going because this is the general concept of how to get well using food and basic support such as vitamins and minerals.  It is the beginning of a life style that is supportive of your body, mind and mood.  Not to mention being healthy.  If this approach appeals to you and you can apply it to yourself, Then I suggest that you listen to it again and take notes.  Decide what you can do for yourself, write down some notes and get working on it.

This recording is free.  There are other things that you can get for free.  And Mimi is available to assist you for a fee.  This gives you the concepts and directions of Mimi’s work to see if you can apply it and work it.  For many, you are already cellular “musicians”.  Meaning you already have a practice.  That’s great and like music, there is always more.  In this case, we can support the body through things that are difficult.

I am hoping to build a community of people who wish to help themselves and are willing to do the work as well as practitioners who fell the same way and have successful practices to offer.

Enjoy this offering from the family.  This is just another day in some of our lives.  What’s your day like?





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