Methylation Summit

If your curious, you can check out the web link for it at:


Ray says:
It was recorded in April 2014 in Chicago, and that opportunity had connections to some of the AutismOne participants that you may also be slightly familiar with?

The speakers (in order are) Dr’s: Quig, Burdette, and Lynch. The audience are all professional practitioners from the nutritional, naturopathic, integrative, functional, and holistic communities.  Quig is all about how to test for related issues, Burdette is all about clinical use of the information, within the backdrop of oxidative stress, and Lynch is ‘all over’ the biochemistry of the various metabolic cycles that use/need/supply methylation.  I was satisfied with what I spent to acquire these, although some of the emphasis the speakers stress was more than I can (or care to) completely digest (so to speak).  

You can see how much of it appeals to your sense of interest.  🙂
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