Bravo GcMAF Yogurt – Introduction/Bootcamp

Bravo Boot Camp: Bravo GcMAF Yogurt An Introduction

Why take  Bravo Yogurt?

What is in Bravo Yogurt?

How to make Bravo:

How Do I take Bravo:

Ketogenic Diet:

Bravo’s Science:

GcMAF The Science

Virus primer

Bravo Yogurt Primer

All Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to buy it
  • How to make it
  • How to take it
  •  Examples of basic care
    • Can you freeze it? No
    • Is it okay to have powders outside the fridge? Yes, store long term in the fridge
    • Is the yogurt okay if I left my jar out overnight?  It’s okay but not for days
    • What if I am on antibiotics?  It will kill everything and it takes a long time to rebuild

Noted as an anti-aging remedy:

Bravo Yogurt is Recognized by Anti-Aging Authority

You may know, Dr. David A. Sinclair, PhD, Professor at Harvard Medical School.  He is the world’s authority in the field of anti-aging medicine.  He authored seminal articles in major scientific journals as well as a New York Times Best Selling book.  

Well, it turns out that he is one of us!!  He enjoys his Bravo Yogurt every morning!

Without any solicitation from us, as Dr Ruggiero  has never met him, Dr Sinclair told the world that he uses Bravo Yogurt every morning as part of his anti-aging/wellness protocol.  The excerpt of his interview is here.

Dr. Ruggiero is the inventor of Bravo Yogurt and is deeply interested in studying anti-aging.  He believes that we as people should have more capacity to endure.  He has studied lobsters who don’t die of old age and cancer which can stay alive in a petri dish for 60 years.  He thinks that we can change our fates and has put his ideas to work in a product of longevity.

I am quite sure that this book by Dr. David A. Sinclair, PhD, Professor at Harvard Medical School is a book worth reading and practices worth noting.  For example, use your Bravo yogurt every morning.  Make it a daily part of your very long life!

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