Life is not what it seems, nor is it otherwise

When I was in the Buddhist Monastery studying Shiatsu, I befriended a chung fu master who was my age.  He would sparkle this phrase at me with all the teachings attached and let me know that my mind was too strong in this very Zen way of doing things.  I was privie to this very special instruction and I got it.  It helps to be a cute girl.

Essentially he was telling me that if I created a strong attitude with my mind, then that is what I will have.  If I relax and let my nervous system clear, then I will see more.  Now I totally understand how the tension of how I hold my thoughts creates the level of reality that I can open to.   It is much like an elevator.  If I can get to the next level, I will be more aware of the things that are happening.

I think that video games are teaching this to kids in a very cool way.  You have to master a level by being aware of the obstacles and overcoming them.  The next level opens once you complete the old one and is more sophisticated but it builds on the last one’s skills as well.  It is basically the same platform all the way through although the qualities of what you can do change.  Video games are a great analogy for consciousness raising.  It gets harder, you are more competent for doing the work and you have to do the work to make any of it happen.

This lesson doesn’t have a console so some people don’t know they are playing!  What if all of your responses around you are in a quantum field and they all play back responses to how you create in  your consciousness.  Imagine what we can find once our minds relax?  For me, it wasn’t enough to just get there, I wanted to help others achieve it!  So here I am, a practitioner who uses tuning the body with nutrition, to get to a higher level of consciousness.  Then as the mind and emotions open, we have higher energy to release the very deep stuck reactions that have magnetic resonance in the DNA.  Is there any other way to really heal?  Shouldn’t healing be able to happen at the cause through commitment, diet, clearing the issues?

I have made this blog-post so I can start explaining to you that we are so much more supple and magical than our droning lives will afford to allow us if we do nothing.  In other words, make magic in your life and you will begin to see some of the very cool stuff be revealed. Raise your frequency and you will have more options.  Use the Light and doorways appear that weren’t there a minute ago.  It is transformational.  However, that is not that easy to talk about with people who haven’t achieved a high enough vibration.  Therefore, we resort to opening the mind by catching its attention to the anomalies, by making the body feel better when their owner didn’t know how to do it, etc.

To me, nature was my first provider of  this high energy magic.   My grandma took me on nature walks and showed me the strength and straightness of the Tulip tree.  The mushrooms, the way the salamanders turned colors and the vitality of the chipmonks gathering acorns, etc.  Nature has a majesty about it and if you are in a place of high energy like deep inside the forest, my energy would rise as well.  Nature teaches.

So I make high energy in my body.  I drink fresh vegetable juices, cleanse, fast, take supplements and herbs AS MY BODY WANTS THEM.   I respect what I need by tuning into myself and seeing how it all works within my body.  I relate my fears to the growth of candida, or my wanting to avoid feelings to deeper ones that haven’t been healed and were hidden from others.  All of it comes out.  All of the horrible, unkept, judged mess gets dealt with in loving.  That is what makes me strong.  When I find more new level of what doesn’t work it feels very awful.   I don’t react.  I stay in the loving.  In order to create intelligence, I organically approach it with my built strength by not reacting with anger, fear, doubt and gently untangle it and resolve

Life is not what it seems.  The most unusual things can happen. In this blog we find unusual and magical interactions like predators and prey being friends, dolphin and kitten playing.  There is a quality of going inside to the higher vibration that allows you to “get it”.  Without that translation, into the magic of higher vibration, nothing of that frequency can be observed because you will just not be aware of it!   This lack of awareness doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening.

It takes work, discipline, maintenance to keep the frequency high.  Can you do it?  If so, let’s talk about it, be friends, create peace together!!!

How can you raise your awareness and your frequency today?  How do you do it?

Share your comments below.

This is a place for me to compile.  I have many but I need to come across them and store then here.  So check back or let me know and I will send you an email when I add.

Kitten and Dolphin –

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