Why do I need to drink all that water?

My oldest son is graduating from college in Prescott, AZ.  So I just drove out to help him move.   I stopped and got some groceries and the gal gave me a sample of the turkey breast on sale which was cajun spiced.  I remarked to my son that is was SO spicy I couldn’t even believe it!

Ben told me that I was dehydrated.  He had learned that spicy food becomes extra spicy and even burns him.  (I had a client with blood blisters when eating spicy foods)

My next thought was, “How could I be dehydrated if I don’t even feel thirsty?”  Then I realized.  My warning mechanism were shut off and probably due to the dehydration itself.  If you can imagine that dehydration causes constipation because the colon lining can’t work without lubrication and the extraction process becomes clogged.  It is a mess.

Then I remembered the night before when I couldn’t think and I couldn’t sleep.  I just sat and did something mindless on the computer knowing I should be in bed.  That is when I realized I had shut down.  I also remembered that the day prior when I was cleaning, sorting and packing, I didn’t feel sensitive enough to do my work.   Good thing I took the day off!

Every time a client comes in for stabilization, it is very rare that they aren’t dehydrated.  Let’s assume that this is you.  The cells don’t have quite enough water to run the factory.  The cells have to begin doing work arounds, not feeling full steam ahead, and can’t get certain things done.

Toxins and fat.  If your body has toxins and the water gets low, it can’t flush them out the way it is designed to.  It would be considered a drought within your body.  The toxins would need to be stored locally until it could be moved.  There is no moving in a drought so the body wraps up the excesses and puts its it away.  What does it wrap it up with?  It makes fat.   The key to removing the toxins and thus the fat is to give your body enough flow on a consistent basis so the factory can come up to speed and start generating what you need.  Energy, cleanliness, ease, concentration, confidence.    Water alone isn’t going to solve all of the problems.  It is simply one of the cleaning products that is essential for every function of the body.  If your signals are turned off, if you are constipated, if you are gaining weight, ask yourself, do I drink enough water?

I love teaching about the body.  I love these little discoveries like spicy foods showing us we are dehydrated.  I have accumulated everything into a weekly lesson list.  The one that relates to this type of thing is called “Physical Stability”.  When you take this class, I walk you though all of the basics.  I muscle test your body for the amount of water  you should be drinking when we do that chapter.  I believe in interactive and experiential education!  So I put my “book” on the internet.   Then I ask for an appropriate fee for the guidance.

You can imagine that we can teach you about water all day long.  In my area, Orange Co., they are adding recycled sewer water back into the water system.  When you look at the lessons from the Messages in Water, we see that we must actually change the frequency of the water before we use it.   How about that sewer water and the pharmaceuticals that they are finding in it.  Maybe we do all need to be on Valium.  Kidding.

Don’t drink tap water.  Buy healthy spring water or find a spring near you.  www.findaspring.com.

Want to talk to me about how much water you should be drinking?  Write to me below.  Give me enough info that I can “tap into you”  (no pun intended) and then I will be able to find out how much water you need to drink.  If you are worried about being public, then take the Physical Stability class.  For $40.  you can find out which supplements, oils, foods, etc work for you.  We are nurturers and cleaners.  We work with love, light and joy as our tools.  (The “we” part is my partner the homeopathic “natural” doctor.  I do the seeing in, she does the solutions within the body.)  I can get you started on the basic physical stuff.  If you have prescriptions or deeper physical issues, then we call the Homie.

Remember.  Drinking water is like working out.  You might be a bit sore the first day you work out hard, but staying with it will really improve everything!  As you get stronger, you can naturally do more.  You don’t need to stretch it, but my attitude is, drink my water daily and drink a bit more if you can.  The body will begin to get even more articulate as it is restored.




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