Our voices matter

We are learning a new way of being.  We are learning to get along virtually.  We are wondering if what we do and say will be heard.  It is time to pay more attention to the movement of gathering virtually.  It is possible to bring harmony and peace.

That is my vision with my classes.  To bring the hearts together, to bring the healing, to up the frequency as much as possible.

Pay attention to person-to-person virtual info.  This is how we can relate to our issues.  WE. . . can make a difference.
“The Virtual Choir” is Eric Whiteacre’s brainstorm.

In the first video, he describes how he came up with the idea and put his virtual project into action.

The second video is the first Virtual Choir recording, published about two years ago.

The third recording is his most recent opus. I highly recommend you maximize the screen to get the full effect of the graphics:

The Making of the Virtual Choir

Lux Aurumque (“Light and Gold”)


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