Why is my bladder so over-active?

I am an energetic healer whose mother had an aching over active bladder.

She had a case of interstitial cystitis diagnosed from her specialist.

While I was visiting, I was uncomfortable with my mother’s pain so I did some
things to help her.

1.  I asked her to “quiet down”.  It was as if she had alarm bells ringing in her body.
2.  I asked her to drink more water, not less
3.  I asked her to relax and get more comfortable with where she was right now.

She showed immediate relief.  I was on my way back home and was glad I could help her.

A week and a half later, she calls me and says the doctor says she is better.  He said
that I was the one that helped her, not him.  He asked me into the research lab because
they haven’t had such good results and they wanted to know more.

Here is what I told them.

We don’t often hear what the body hears.  My mother had tripped some serious alarms
and those alarms where ringing through her body.  They were things that she didn’t want to forget.
She and I sat down and turned off those alarms coming from the central nervous system.
the result was a quieter body.

So how does sound relate to the bladder?  In oriental medicine. the bladder is about right now.
It wants to respond through fight or flight to anything that it can, RIGHT NOW.  When there isn’t
anything to respond to, nothing it can discern, it has to ignore the alarms.  When the person can’t
turn off the alarms, it makes the bladder crazy.

What is a bladder to do?  It has ears all around the cells.  It grabs anything it can find and it “stuffs”
this pillow of debris all around each of the cells.  You can imagine the mess!  If this debris isn’t
clean it can start to get infected.  Especially if it doesn’t have enough water to flow through and
carry away the bad stuff.

People think that because they have to urinate urgently, that this is bad.  It isn’t really.  It just means
that there are toxins in the urine and it doesn’t want them around.  When we drink more water,
the urine is less toxic, and after a while,  you can hold it.

Healthy people drink lots of water.  Water will “cure” many ills but you can’t be drinking tap water.
The chlorine will burn your delicate cell structure.  Water needs to be natural and grounded into
the minerals from the earth around it.    Look on the internet for www.findaspring.com.
Here you will find natural sources of water that are very alive and most of the time, free.

Maryann Castellanos’ blog is Simplymimi.net
She is an energetic healer in Encinitas California
and runs a clinic called HealthyEnergeics.com


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