The All Important Nerves & Oils

I love understanding the body through energy. I wish you could see what I see!

I see things the way the oriental healers did. Energy running through lines in the body. Attitudes messing up the flow.  Sticky nasty energy being used like hate, fear and doubt and completely shutting down the cells!

I see the body relating within itself like a fractal.  It is quite beautiful to see a little body of a fetus in the ear, or a small person in your middle finger or expanding that to the size of the hand.  It also is amazing to give TLC to the small part and have the body respond!


One of the big learnings of the decade for me came from a book I read by Bruce Lipton called The Biology of Belief. He talked about cells and their lifestyles within the body. He told me that cells have their brains in the cell wall. So that means our skin is really important as our nervous system because it is our cell wall. What if. . . our skin and the cell wall and the brain all represent our cerebral nervous system?

What we know about the cell wall is that it  uses oil which is about the consistency of butter. (same as the brain) We also have brain tissue under our stomach!  Ever feel like you got kicked in the stomach when no one even touched you?

There is so much we don’t know about the body!  There are some very important things that we need to know in order to stay well!  Do we manage our body?  Do we look out after what it needs?  Let’s look at how you are doing with the basics.

  • Eat right
  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Exercise
  • Peace of mind

How are we doing so far?

Wouldn’t it be great if all those problems just disappeared?  They can!  But not by ignoring them.  It takes work to give the body what it needs.  You have to be patient and committed.   You need to listen inside and give your body a hand when it needs it.

Let’s talk about what the brain needs to be healthy.  There is B vitamins, oxygen, folic acid and Omega 3’s.  There are scores of articles on the internet but they aren’t thought out enough.  They all contain things that just aren’t true!
What is good fat?

First, let’s understand that there are two essential building blocks that you cannot get anywhere else except your diet. They are used in the brain, the cell membranes, the casing around the mitochondria and nuclei.  There is no way the body can find scraps of short chains and build the long chains they need! You have to take them whole in a food or a supplement.

These building blocks are DHA and EPA. They are essential fatty acids which make up Omega 3 oils.  This is the oil configuration that triggers anti-inflammation.  It is usually found in fish oil supplements. Unless you are an Eskimo, you aren’t going to get enough of these essentials in your diet. We need to TAKE THEM!

Finding them is a trick too! We have been trained to find good oils in nuts, avocados, fish and the like, but it is actually not always good for our brains and oil production to get too many nuts. They contain Omega 6. This is the one that increases inflammation, causes aging and disease because the cell wall can’t pass things through with this guy around.   (We need that action for when we need it but not for most daily functions. )

We need Omega 3. We need quite a bit of it. It needs to be balanced perfectly for us between EPA and DHA.  Omega 3 cannot be found in adequate supply by combining flax and Alpha Lipoic Acid.  These are short chains that take work to convert and only produce about 5% of what we need daily.     It does contain some but it also contains more Omega 6 which quickly cancels out is benefits.

Healthy brains need to take clean, molecularly distilled fish oil supplements daily! It needs to be balanced in EPA and DHA.  What does clean mean? The particles and heavy metals must be removed from both wild caught and farm raised fish.

What happens if we don’t get Omega 3’s?

If we don’t get all the Omega 3’s that we need, our cell walls become rigid and nothing can pass in or out.  We become septic, dehydrated, and starving.  Then, if we eat too much animal protein, too much bad cooking fats, our bodies just can’t do anything with it except to wrap it in fat and hope a better day comes along.

This is the basis for disease and aging.  We stop living and start waiting for something or someone to “save us”.  This is not necessary with the TLC to your body you need.
Want some help?

Want a free recommendation which has been custom chosen for your body by your body?  I am not selling anything!    I can translate that for you what your body wants and needs! .

  1. Post a comment  on this page, below this blog.
  2. Ask me to check your body for it’s best source of Omega 3 oil.
  3. If you have some ideas in mind, let me know what they are and I will check them.
  4. If you have an illness, let me know.

If we are going to open our minds and hearts,  we must take care of the basics for our bodies.

Because we aren’t all equal, I am here to help you determine what works for you!


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