Giving From the Overflow: Achieving Personal Fullness

Giving From the Overflow Interview

by Michelle Mayur on September 8, 2011

Giving From the Overflow: Achieving Personal Fullness

Interview with Maryann Castellanos

15 September 2011, 5.00pm US Pacific / 16 September 2011, 10.00am Melbourne, Australia  (time zone converter)


September Healing Experience Teleseminar  for Heal the Healer Members only.
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In this fascinating interview, Maryann will be discussing how we can optimize our cellular wellness – physically, emotionally and spiritually – in order to achieve a state of personal fullness that allows us to be our best as healers and Lightworkers.


  • 4 key ways of managing the body to create optimum cell wellness
  • Some of the common ways people unconsciously block their life force
  • Practical ways for healers to protect their sensitive heart and nervous systems from  stress
  • Learning how to listen to our body and communicate with it at a deeper level.
  • Attitudes and emotions contained in seemingly physical issues like candida, parasites and bacteria

She will also be guiding the group through a potent healing meditation that connects us with our body’s Inner Energetic Body Manager.

Maryann Castellanos, from San Diego,USA, is rather like ‘cell biologist Bruce Lipton meets Louise Hay’. She is an Energetic Healer, Sensitive and Medical Intuitive Health Practitioner at Healthy Energetics, as well as being an ordained minister and the San Diego Coordinator at the Heartfelt Foundation. She is currently also a doctoral candidate in Spiritual Science at Peace Theological Seminary.

In 2001 Maryann founded Healthy Energetics, a center featuring energetic healing, nutrition, and homeopathy, where she specializes in assisting clients to release the issues that keep the tissues bound. She believes the client has the issue in order to learn a spiritual lesson. Maryann facilitates more creativity, flow and energy for life through clearing cellular memory and energetic pathways by supporting the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels together.

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