Things aren’t as they seem! Nor are they otherwise.

I love these pictures because it shows the impossible according to how we were taught.  It goes to show us that things are not as they seem.

I see this as acts of kindness that are bigger than our current perception and beliefs about how animals act towards a species which is customarily prey.

For me, such examples require that we drop all pretense of our own beliefs.  We are still very far away from understanding the mysteries of this physical existence.  For me, my comfort of what I know cannot be challenged by what others think.  I hold my beliefs in such a way that I can be shown, edited, etc.  I listen to my muses.

Here is one of the examples that first opened my mind.  I read a book about Findhorn, a place in Northern Scotland.  The energy here was so high and the gardens were so loved that there were roses growing in the snow.  It was a passage from a book that defied my ability to understand because it was an anomaly.    An anomaly like that is intended to break all the rules and leave me open about all possibilities.   I am not one of them that says, “That’s preposterous!”  I am one of those who say, “Show me more so that I can understand.”


Any comments?

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