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This was an answer to a client’s email I thought others could benefit from. I don’t have time to write this up formally into an article at the moment but I hope you get the gist.


Your body has what we call “residual diseases”.  Things that are hidden and “stored” in a domant state within the body.  They still have a great effect!  They have a homeopathic effect and the microbe or toxin will have an effect on your consciousness.  Like if you are experiencing fear, your kidneys might get some microbe that lives in the energy of that fear and the energy is so strong, the immune system can’t clear the microbe.  The microbe and the fear win and the microbe begins to damage the kidney organ tissue.  (thats an issue in the tissue)

You want to do two things all the time to give your cellular structure the strength to do something about these old conditions:

1. Eat for your cells not for your comfort.  Eat the right foods, clean protiens, lots of vegetables, salads and live food. (doesn’t sit in a dormant state on a shelf or in a grain silo for years)

2. Remove things from your body that irritate it. This includes not putting irritating foods and beverages in your body just for comfort.  It takes LOTS and lots of energy to remove toxins that you eat.  If I eat certain foods they “blow me out” for three days.  If I were to eat them all the time, I wouldn’t remember that there was a “clear state of mind” because I would be so distorted.  It is a gentle mirror like the calm water of the pond.  Don’t blow yourself out and you are likely to find a heaven you didn’t know existed!

3. Clean your body.  You would wash your windshield if you couldn’t see from it.  Why don’t people realize their bodies get dirty?  They definitely don’t realize that a dirty windshield will make them feel sad, small, less than all those other pretty windshields/competent minds.  How did they get there anyway the less than part will muse.     If you could see your body as dirty, you would move so fast to clean yourself!  Just because we can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

3. Stay conscious.  Be present with what is going on in your world and PROCESS IT as you go.  What is going on within your body.  You are an organism.  You have cell walls that see out and they see in.  You have skin that sees out, and sees in.  Are you listening consciously to both functions?   Can you see clearly what your body is doing?  You should be able to.  The equipment is there.  Pay attention.

There are many things to do such as fasting, resetting the pituitary system, etc. that come up to address specific concerns,  that’s my job to determine which direction and which correction.

for you Specifically:

Pork = yes.  this has been the source of many parasites.  Ask yourself, what have I called this in to show me?  What am I doing, choosing into my field that goes against my nature?  When you take the resonance of the pork and go looking or it in your body (like a jigsaw puzzle piece) you are looking for a frequency.  The frequency you are looking for, will be significant to the resolving of the issue.  The issue is old and therefore that means it is karmic.  Within the frequency,  you will be finding the story of how that residual disease started and the clues for how you can help yourself, you will feel what you need, and you can finish the unresolved issue once and for all and be free. (maybe not for all people but those who are listening will pick up the new info in the field and it will assist them to assemble their puzzle.)

Cortizone – this hasn’t come out yet.  it will be ready to leave in the next few months.

Many of the bits of turbulence you may be experiencing is from things leaving you such as this.  the cortizone looks big to your body.  you might need something and so your body is showing you, flashing that thought to you so you can do something it needs.  Like find something to support the cortizone channel that it has to leave on.

The more balanced and steady you become, the more your body can off load.  Yippie.


Your prenatal environment – if mom had an infection, it might have been the baby (that would be you)  calling in something or a condition that it wanted and needed in order to manifest the karma that it has. Do you test or match your frequency with this idea?  if so, It might have been the baby giving the mother the cues to create infection because the baby needed it.  If this is the case in this condition, then Mom was probably drawn to eat sweets or something to further feed the sugar cravings from the bacteria creating a cycle that was hard to break.  this would cause resentment of a mom that didn’t want to be “taken in that direction.”   The pattern can be broken by discovering the frequency and what it is about.

Begin with the consciousness work of your need to call in the condition and let it show you . . . . what it is there for.

I would believe that we are looking at some past life bitterness.  Something that looks like the family you came in to be with and how the dynamics fall into place.  Basically, how all of the big picture suits you.  Then, we usually start a compensation behavior because the stress of our other behavior and the negativity vortexing within, is so stressful that we start doing the little behaviors that look silly to us.  Because we forgot what they were connected to (conveniently) and keep trying to bury the bigger issue.  Yet all the time, it is loving pointing to it.

You behavior appears to be the fussing/obsessing of small detail and analyzing.  We assume so you don’t have to deal with life’s overwhelming events that haven’t been processed yet.  Go into training.  Learn to process everything you can.  When you find the big one, you will be ready for it.  If you don’t train, you won’t increase your ability and you may stay on the karma route until you can train and get through it.  Support helps.  We can gain strength from other’s and their demonstration of inspiring acts.  That’s what I try to do with you.  I don’t do it for you, but I will lend you my processing power to get a big one through.  Cells will pool their glow of energy so that means we can too.

Bitterness as an option for you.  It is a reaction that is a choice.  It is clearly drawn from the well of the  negative power and not the Light.  Therefore, you might want to release the dark reaction  and restructure that reaction to be one of calling in the light.  Further, you will want to go of the bitterness and all the times that negativity was choosen in to reduce the magnetic field of that choice and its effect on your field.   If you do that, the infection in your body old and new will release.

Another way to ‘get to it” and speed the release is to not feed the bacteria.  They love sugar.  They will crave it and call you to eat it.  You will say, “why am I eating this?”  Oh.  yeah,  I have some athlete’s foot going.  Right, that will want the sugar.  Feeding a pattern like this can increase the negative energy and reinforce who is in charge.  Not feeding the pattern will show the bacteria who is in charge.

Further, disinviting the microbe and the negative energy is in order. Remember, you have called it into your home.  Once it is there, it doesn’t leave because it is held with magnets.  However, you can gently disengauge the magnets and consciously say to the bacteria,  I no longer require your services. (I am breaking up with you). You need to leave and I am not going to call you anymore.

Once you disengauge the pattern a flood of bacteria will release.  It will come out by itself. You will have a flood of bitterness, pissyness or whatever the energy of the pattern was as the bits of it’s empire are going down the drain.  Good on you!  Continue the protocols until there is nothing left anywhere.  Then choose the Light.  This actually has to be done in strides that you can handle and they will get bigger and stronger as you practice.

Do you see?  by both by feeding it and using the behavioral pattern of negative choice, the bacteria will leave and there will be no more need to have it called into your awareness.  Just watch for the next one to present itself until all the layers are gone.   Meanwhile the bacteria you are experiencing is a symptom of an emotional pattern.  If you aren’t using it, it won’t stay.

If you want more information like this.  Check out choice point at and sign up for Aligning with Success.

Peace. Light and love,


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