Using my spidey sense for safety

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I am a newbie at surfing since September. I wanted to play with the dolphins at my beach. I “squealed” (inwardly) to the dolphins to see if I could get an invite to play. I got (inwardly) “We are fishing over here. There are predators that you don’t want to excite.” Then a stern hush.

Without making a conscious decision, I found myself on the beach wondering what just happened. Did I just get reprimanded by a dolphin? For not knowing how to act in the presence of  a . . . shark?

Two days later 10/31/11 was an official siting at Beacons, SD, CA (my beach) of an 8-10 ft great white shark circling someone in chest high water at 2:30. It was the sardines.

The lesson was clear. Don’t draw attention to yourself.
BTW, learn how to use your “spidey sense”. It comes in handy in lots of ways.

My first lesson from surfing is KEEP GOING.  I will warm up.   Said another way.  I gotta be moving (have movement) to be successful.  I can’t correct myself or even learn much if I am doing nothing!  Keep moving!  Trust the force.


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