Brewing Kombucha for Health and Beauty

Brewing Kombucha is one of my new winter hobbies.  It comes to me as a way to cut through some of my own internal physical issues and satisfies my quest to have living food.  In this case, probiotics.

I started with Kefir and began to keep a dairy culture, although dairy and I don’t do that well for each other, the grains love it and then I can cultivate and use the grains to culture fresh coconut, vegetables and put it in other things like Kombucha hybrid.

Here is what I learned and what I did with my Kombucha quest.

1.  I didn’t want to use anything that my body couldn’t handle and I have a blood sugar problem.  So until my pancreas clears out, I needed to proceed carefully.

2 I found on the happy herbalist’s website some instructions on brewing that really appealed to me.  “At 80 F. 6-8 days the optimum balance is achieved and is now considered the normal brewing cycle where taste and benefit may meet.”

3. Also on the happy herbalist’s website I found  an aged tea that I felt happy with inside because it wasn’t a rude, crude tea and I needed to use tea for the acidic value I needed.  My feelings probably come from my past memories of being in the mountains of Asia.  That is where tea is happy and “knows itself”.


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