imuno® is over 100 times more effective than pure GcMAF

imuno® is over 100 times more effective than pure GcMAF

19th February 2020: Dr Marco Ruggiero, MD. PhD.

Elevated serum alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase (nagalase) is associated with a number of life threatening and/or debilitating conditions ranging from cancer (Korbelik et al., 1998; Greco et al., 2009; Thyer et al., 2013) to viral infections caused by influenza virus and HIV (Yamamoto and Urade, 2005; Yamamoto, 2006), bacterial infections (Caines et al., 2008), alcoholism (Zoga et al., 2017), and autism (Bradstreet et al., 2012). Nagalase, an enzyme, was first proposed as a marker for cancer and viral infections and its increased serum activity in these conditions was associated with immune system deficiency because nagalase prevents formation of the Gc protein derived Macrophage Activating Factor (GcMAF), an immune stimulant cytokine (Yamamoto and Naraparaju, 1997; Yamamoto and Urade, 2005; Yamamoto, 2006). According to the original hypothesis proposed by Yamamoto and Colleagues, cancer cells and cells infected by viruses produced and released nagalase that caused immune deficiency that, in turn, favored the progression of cancer or viral infections. Therefore, elevated serum nagalase activity in cancer and viral infections was considered a consequence of cancer or viral-infected cells releasing nagalase. In apparent agreement with this hypothesis, successful immunotherapy of cancer with GcMAF was associated with a decrease of serum nagalase activity (Thyer et al., 2013; Schwalb et al., 2016) that was attributed to the effects of GcMAF on macrophages that, once activated, attacked cancer cells with consequent decrease of the number of cancer cells producing nagalase.

This interpretation, however, was contradicted by the observation that in autism, just like in cancer, successful immunotherapy with GcMAF was associated with significant decrease of serum nagalase activity (Bradstreet et al., 2012). Since the autistic subjects successfully treated with GcMAF had no signs of cancer cells producing nagalase, nor of any other concurrent disease or infections (Bradstreet et al., 2012), a novel hypothesis concerning the role of nagalase was proposed. According to this novel hypothesis, elevated nagalase activity has to be considered more a pathogenetic factor for cancer and other conditions rather than a simple marker. In simpler words, elevated nagalase activity may be one of the causative factors leading to cancer, autism or other diseases because elevated nagalase impairs the function of the immune system and immune deficiency plays a pivotal role in the onset and development of cancer and other diseases. Such a role for nagalase is now well established as exemplified by the title of a recent review that reads ” Is α-N-acetylgalactosaminidase the key to curing cancer?” (Saburi et al., 2017a). Based on these considerations, strategies aiming at reducing serum nagalase activity may prove useful in the fight against cancer, autism, viral infections and all other conditions associated with elevated serum nagalase activity.

Here we demonstrated for the first time that GcMAF directly binds to, and inhibits, human nagalase in vitro, thus elucidating the mechanism of action of GcMAF and explaining its effectiveness in a variety of conditions ranging from cancer to autism (Saburi et al., 2017a; Saburi et al., 2017b; Bradstreet et al., 2012; Greilberger and Herwig, 2020). In addition, we demonstrate that a novel supplement containing low-molecular-weight microbial chondroitin sulfate, ultrapure phosphatidylcholine, and vitamin D3, (imuno®, imuno Corporation, Vanuatu) shows more than 100 fold higher activity than purified GcMAF.

Human nagalase and GcMAF were purified at R.E.D. Laboratories (Zellik, Belgium). The
experiment was performed using microtiter plates coated with a specific antibody able to capture human nagalase. Samples were incubated with a standardized dilution of a pool of 300 human sera from healthy subjects and, after 1 h incubation and exhaustive washing, nagalase-GcMAF or nagalase-imuno® complexes were detected with a horse radish peroxidase conjugate of a rabbit antibody. In order to establish the kinetics of interaction between nagalase and GcMAF, or imuno®, the serum pool was mixed either with 200 ng of purified Gc-MAF, or with a 1:100 dilution of imuno® in phosphate buffered saline (PBS). Since preliminary experiments indicated that undiluted imuno® exceeded the binding capacity of nagalase in the test, imuno® was diluted 1:100 in PBS. The mixture was then incubated at room temperature for 4, 24, 48, 72 and 120 h. Values for nagalase binding activity in the absence of GcMAF or imuno®, with only PBS in the reaction mixture, were taken as

1.00. The experiment was repeated twice and the results reported in Fig. 1 are the means of the two experiments.

As shown in Fig. 1, purified GcMAF bound human nagalase only after 4 h incubation, reached a peak at 48 h, and returned below baseline values at 120 h. imuno®, on the other hand, had an initial value (at 0 h) higher than PBS, thus demonstrating immediate, intrinsic GcMAF activity against human nagalase. At every time point, imuno® showed significantly higher activity in comparison with purified GcMAF and, at 120 h, imuno® activity was still well above baseline, thus indicating a stronger, more prolonged activity. It is worth noticing that imuno® was diluted 100 fold and, therefore, it may be argued that its activity against human nagalase is more than 100 fold higher than that of purified GcMAF.

It is also important to consider that these results were obtained in vitro, that is in the absence of any variable or confounding factor that may hamper interpretation of results observed in clinical settings. Direct interaction between imuno® and nagalase may help explaining the effectiveness of imuno® recently observed by Antonucci and Colleagues in those conditions where GcMAF had proven effective in the past (Antonucci et al., 2019a; Antonucci et al., 2019b) and lead to propose imuno® as a more potent and intrinsically safer substitute for human-blood-derived GcMAF. The significantly higher potency of imuno® is to be ascribed to its peculiar molecular design that was described in detail in two recent papers (Ruggiero and Pacini, 2018a; Ruggiero and Pacini, 2018b); in brief, imuno® reproduces that physical-chemical features of GcMAF at a much higher molecular efficiency and density. The N- acetylgalactosamine active site of GcMAF is present in much higher concentration in imuno® thanks to the presence of low-molecular-weight chondroitin sulfate, a sulfated polysaccharide that is composed by an alternating chain of Nacetylgalactosamine and glucuronic acid. The hydrophobic moieties of GcMAF, that are the regions binding vitamin D and fatty acids, are present in imuno® thanks to the binding of phosphatidylcholine to chondroitin sulfate. Vitamin D3, essential for increasing the potency of GcMAF as demonstrated by Greilberger and Herwig in 2020, is intercalated in the proto-cellular structure formed by the core of chondroitin sulfate surrounded by phosphatidylcholine (Ruggiero and Pacini, 2018a). In fact, imuno® was designed taking into account the physical-chemical features of GcMAF that were published 2013 when a molecular model of GcMAF interaction with the cell membrane was described (Thyer et al., 2013). In this model, optimal interaction was achieved when GcMAF was non-covalently bound to a fatty acid – in that example, oleic acid – and vitamin D3 that are the conditions reproduced, at a much higher molecular efficiency and density, in imuno®.

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Dr Ruggiero on the protective elements of Bravo & imuno on pandemic viruses such as Coronavirus

Explore Bravo & imuno’s unique properties

to protect you from viral pandemic

Dr Marco Ruggiero has recently communicated that imuno and Bravo are ideally suited to help with the coronavirus.

Bravo, thanks to its unique composition in phages (friendly viruses that fight pathogenic viruses) and its proven efficacy on empowering the immune system may be used to help prevent infection by the coronavirus that is causing the current epidemic.

As you know, the phages in Bravo are known to fight a number of pathogenic viruses that include HIV, and it was recently demonstrated that the coronavirus responsible for the current epidemic, contains HIV sequences that are responsible for its infectivity and are the target of Bravo’s phages

Dr. Ruggiero says, “I take the liberty to write that I am 99% (100% would be unrealistic) confident that imuno will help with the coronavirus for two reasons.  The first and most obvious is its general effect on the immune system as described in all the papers where it has been mentioned.”


“The second is related to the specific anti-viral properties of chondroitin sulfate that are further amplified by the molecular arrangement of imuno.  As you may know by now, the coronavirus responsible for the current epidemic attacks human cells because it has spikes from HIV that no one knows, at the present, whether they were intentionally inserted or are result of a casual viral recombination. (highly improbable but not impossible)”


Needless to say, the chondroitin sulfate in imuno is much more potent/bioavailable that the molecules used in those studies for at least two reasons: it is homogeneous and low-molecular-weight; it is arranged in a supramolecular structure that makes it more bioavailable and efficient in binding to the HIV spikes.


Because of these evidences, I am 99% sure that imuno will work against coronavirus.


Combination with Bravo may prove synergistic as we have observed in the case of myeloma and in the case of Dr. Carter that I have just submitted to the Am J Immunol.


Bravo will work through the phages and the natural GcMAF and it will complement the effects of imuno. Most likely, Bravo and imuno will work even if administered alone, but the combination may prove synergistic.

More on Coronavirus including studies-

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More on Bravo & imuno with the Coronavirus

Whatever the case, it is thanks to the HIV spikes that the coronavirus attacks human cells and, therefore, anti-HIV/anti-retroviral drugs – that should not work on coronavirus since it is not a retrovirus – appear to be effective in fighting the current disease. Please take a look at the news pasted below from an Italian Government-run media outlet and hospital clearly describing the effectiveness of anti-HIV drugs in two cases currently treated in Italy. By the way, according to this outlet, WHO (OMS in Italian) recommended the use of anti-HIV drugs, a very strange occurrence since they were not recommended with SARS (another type of coronavirus) and, most important, coronavirus is not a retrovirus and anti-HIV drugs were supposed to be specific for HIV and not for other viruses. Obviously there is something wrong, but we leave speculations and conspiracy theories to others.


“I coniugi “ricevono dal 4 febbraio terapia antivirale sperimentale. Tali farmaci sono indicati dall’Organizzazione Mondiale della Sanità come i più promettenti sulla base dei dati disponibili”. E’ quanto si legge nel bollettino. Il lopinavir/ritonavir, spiegano i medici, è un antivirale comunemente utilizzato per la infezione da HIV che mostra attività antivirale anche sui coronavirus. – See more at:


All this is to say that chondroitin sulfate is known to have anti-HIV/anti-retroviral properties as evidenced by two patents

and peer-reviewed scientific articles

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Dark Green Leafies – How to prepare them for a delicious dish

“If you eat dark green, you WILL become lean!”

1) Kale
Possibly the most common of the bitter greens, kale is fairly mild in flavor, and it’s delicious both raw or cooked.

Just make sure to remove the fibrous stems before cooking!

Recipe: Slice kale leaves thinly and add to a bowl. Add a generous pour of extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of sea salt, and rub the salt/oil mixture into the leaves, massaging thoroughly. Finish the salad with a splash of lemon juice, red wine vinegar and, chopped avocado.

TIP: Greens grow in sandy soil, so be sure to double-rinse your greens in cool, flowing water to get that grit out.

2) Swiss Chard
Chard tastes like a cross between kale and cabbage. It can be eaten raw, but it’s best when cooked.

Eat the stems for extra fiber and crunch — they’re delicious!

Recipe: Thinly slice leaves and stems and set aside. Heat olive oil and garlic in a large saucepan. Cook until garlic is fragrant. Add chopped pecans and toast, then add chard and cook until wilted. Finish with a splash of balsamic vinegar.

Tip: If these greens are too bitter for you, make sure to add plenty of healthy fat, like extra virgin olive oil. It really cuts the bitterness… and tastes great!

3) Mustard Greens
This southern staple is curly leafed and has a peppery bite. Eat them cooked, and make sure to remove the stems first.

Recipe: Tear leaves into bite-sized pieces, removing stems. Add to a large pot with sliced onions, red wine vinegar, chicken stock, and sliced garlic. Cook covered for 1-2 hours over low heat until tender.

TIP: Another great way to add flavor and cut bitterness is with something acidic, like vinegar or even a squeeze of lemon juice!

4) Collard Greens
If you’ve ever spent time in the South, you’ve had collard greens… but you can actually eat them raw, and they’re a lot more nutritious this way.

Since the leaves are so broad, these relatively mild greens actually make great wraps — instead of tortillas. Just make sure to remove the tough stems if you’re eating them raw.

Recipe: Trim stem off leaves, and place in bowl of warm water with lemon juice. Let soak for 10 minutes, then dry and slice down the center stem to make leaves easy to wrap.

Fill with avocado, the protein of your choice, pickled onions, and a drizzle of lime juice, and wrap like a burrito.

TIP: Raw greens are delicious — and SO full of nutrients. Consider shredding greens like a salad, using them as a wrap, or subbing them into your favorite slaw.

So if you haven’t been a huge fan of bitter greens in the past, I strongly encourage you to try one of the four recipes above… even better, try all of them – you’re sure to find something you love.

Whatever you do, don’t skip your bitter greens! They’re just too important. And always remember my two favorite sayings:

“More bitter, more better.”

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Freeze Dried Free Range Milk


Freeze Dried Free Range Milk

in 1 liter or 1/2 liter sizes

Why use this milk?

  • It doesn’t go bad
  • It don’t use freezer space
  • It doesn’t taste like powdered instant from childhood.  (Shutter)
  • This milk has no additives, Vit A additive is a bad one for kids
  • It has all it’s fresh cream
  • It is dried in it’s peak of freshness
  • It is packed in mylar with oxygen removers
  • If unopened, it is rated to remain fresh and usable for 24 years
  • It has it’s casein removed
  • It has been gently home pasteurized

Your choice of Goat or Cow – 1/2 liter – $10.

ALSO sheep, camel, OR water buffalo – 1/2 liter – market price

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Be ready for weight loss and sinus infections!

Be ready for the holiday season with some tips on weight loss and sinus infections!  the holiday season “clean up”?

The Crud

This month, I encountered  a terrible chest cold which has been going around the country making people miserable.  My nephew’s family all had it in Ann Arbor, MI.

I simply didn’t visit.  However, there was no head’s up call to let me know that a

different  family was sick & I didn’t bring warm enough clothes.   Who knew?   I slipped into the 2-week abyss and couldn’t move for the first week & a half.   Forgive me!

So how do you get through the crud, after your head is all infected and “wet” without hurting your microbiome?  Enters the star of the show!   imuno – The Cream.

I ran out of my Chinese Herbs which had stabilized my sinuses and the wetness in my head.  It took me no time at all to identify my needs.  I needed to clear my head, loosen my throat and chest muscles and relax any area which could become infected.  It had to  work because I need to make sure I don’t use antibiotics?

Each night as I laid down or got up, the equilibrium caused my esophagus to spasm and I coughed for almost 1 hour.  The next night, the cough went deeper into my chest and the next night and the next, the same thing. I realized that I feared pneumonia.  I joyfully opened my very first jar of imuno – The Cream.  I needed something I could depend on.

I instinctively felt the tension in my muscles in my face, when I coughed and in the deepest part of my chest where the spasm was occurring.  I gave attention to each muscle!  Which end felt the most tense?   Which edge?   If I could get “under it” in my head, throat, ears, and chest.  I had to access  if my body could detoxify what I was highlighting with dabs of cream.  So I held back and after I did, I realized it would be much better if I completed the circuit of muscles so I did.

The areas relaxed, my sinuses opened, and I drained.  I even had some imuno cream, tucked into the very deepest part of the base of my nose.  It was working & it was the kind of great relief that everyone would want to replace their misery.  The Chinese Herbs  lasted 3.5 to 4 hours, however, the imuno was still going after 8 hours. At some point, it stopped.  I will have to journal it.   I had my first lovely restful night’s sleep and I hadn’t put a dent in my precious imuno – The Cream jar!

Here is how I used it!

Weight Loss & Toxicity

  1. Dr. Ruggiero recently partnered with the researchers of  “The Toxicity and Longevity Summit”.  The creators of the summit, including,  Dr. Jerry Blythe,  established scientific evidence about weight loss & how it is now known to accompany a toxic substance as the weight is released.
  2. The chemicals are lipophilic chemicals known as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) which are toxic, neurotoxic, & carcinogenic.  They are substances that exist in today’s polluted world.  The PCBs, accumulate in our fat cells over the years and are held there until you loose weight, you call your fat cells to release & come forward.
  3. Dr. Ruggiero demonstrated through scientific references that adding Bravo Yogurt or Bravo Non-Dairy Probiotic Drink to your diet, increases the elimination of lipophilic chemicals that include phthalates, dioxin and many others.    Bravo helps the elimination of harmful toxicants that accumulate in fat cells over the years and are released into the bloodstream as a consequence of weight loss.

Bravo GcMAF Yogurt


Bravo Non-Dairy Drink

Learn more, see research

Imuno makes a great gift!

Improved GcMAF, imuno® – The Cream provides superior lymphatic drainage support, immune support, & mitochondrial support.  Massage in a dab for penetrating removal of unwanted body conditions.  Let this natural, vegan, & bioavailable cream refresh you and remove body conditions without harming your microbiome.

imuno- The Cream.   A 50 ml jar provides a 6 month supply -186 dabs with high imuno content.   imuno® – The Creamwill not disappoint. Regularly $150. or  1ml vial Regularly $350.00 –  Use this code – imuno4me for a holiday discount for either of these products.

Special Holiday sale until the end of December

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Mitochondria Summit

Mitochondrial Summit – December 2019



Dr. John Demster – Mitochondria and the Gut

  • Role of your microbiome
  • Best lifestyle changes
  • Impact of leaky gut


Dr. Tyna Moore – Strength Training and Mitochondria

  • Easiest way to increase your mitochondria
  • Importance of strength for longevity
  • Types of exercise to avoid


Dr. Nick Ellenson – Four Ways to Boost your Mitochondria

  • Activate hormesis
  • Role of toxins on our mitochondria
  • Adaptation is key for food


Dr. Joseph Mercola – Mitochondria and Energy

  • Blood flow restriction exercise
  • Using a near-infrared sauna
  • Benefits of hyperbaric oxygen chambers

Part 1

Part 2


Wendy Myers – Heavy Metals that Cause Fatigue

  • Impact of arsenic on your mitochondria
  • Importance of minerals
  • Cesium and heart palpitations


Dr. Todd Watts

  • Importance of oxygen
  • Impact of radioactive elements
  • Overcoming chronic fatigue

Part 1

Part 2


Dr. Daniel Nuzum – The Symbiotic Bugs Within Us

  • Heavy metals in food
  • Dangers of antibiotics
  • Key supplement to balance nutrients

Part 1

Part 2




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What to do if a loved one has cancer?


Julie G asks how she can help a friend who’s child was diagnosed with cancer using Bravo Product.

Mimi is not a doctor nor is this medical advise. nor can we guarantee results for any listener.  Instead we wish to inform you that there are methods that are sustainable to build a life-style of getting a little better each day.  Focusing on the health and moving in the right direction in many ways in our lives creates a life-style that can make us well by getting better, and better and better.  Then even when we are well, we can continue to get better.

As members of Mimi’s Kitchen Club we can discuss how to look at the body as needing cooperation and assistance from us!  And how alternative health can resolve at the foundation of the issues & can help to unravel it.

Mimi suggests the various options for biofilms, building an microbiome with Bravo Yogurt, moving the unwanted toxins out of our bodies by using imuno.  Then the use of sulfates to continue to supply what is needed for any deficiencies in the detoxification channel, giving the girl a chance to unwind and step free of the issues.

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Semi related topics show imuno – The Solution actions angiogenesis, disease removal, & toxicity movement

These are semi related topics.  What is similar to all of them is angiogenesis and disease removal.  The keys to similarity of all of these topics us that these topics don’t make money for the pharmaceutical industry so no research.  Which means no ability to talk professionally about them.

-Blood vessel video on angiogenisis 

Ted talk about how our bodies can go wrong by not trimming or growing blood vessels and capillaries as we need them.  

William Li presents a new way to think about cancer treatment: angiogenesis, targeting the blood vessels that feed a tumor. The crucial first (and best) step: Eating cancer-fighting foods that beat cancer at its own game.  (This is much bigger than cancer.  Anytime something goes wrong, it can either be deficient or excessive.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

-fighting cancer with veterinarian remedies – deworming medicine from animal studies.

Next we explore how about this same problem of angiogenesis and the capillaries with a drug that makes it easier for our bodies to manage keeping them in line.  (We are not surprised that this leads to cancer free.)

-The use of melatonin for cancer.  

This is really important to people who are restless.

If cancer has something to do with capillaries getting out of hand like a garden full of weeds, then this naturally occurring hormone can help us manage all of these issues as well.  What Is most important about this research to me is that REM sleep is essential for the brain’s system to do it’s daily clean & drain.  then see the neurologist’s long ramble below from Stasha Gominak about how important it is to sleep.  

-Restoration of the liver

Burt Berksonm MD is able to rehabilitate livers that the AMA says should be transplanted.    He restores livers easily and quickly with some antioxidants.  Alpha lipoic acid regrows organs and stops cancer.  Rapid liver regrowth, including vascular regrowth. (There is the angiogenesis again…). Hepatitis D, Reduces inflammation, Kills cancer, Lupis, autoimmune hepititus, Oxidative stress 

Books on PDF link here

Mimi also put the right products together in a capsule called Liver-Alive.  Care must be taken to get the right quality and type of ALA.  Berkson is clear about the type.  I have complied, tested and realize that this is true.  My products reflect that.  Warning from the Doctor:   imported less expensive Chinese product is not sufficient and could do damage to the liver instead of repair it.

-Video of Neurologist speaking about hibernation and biome sources D B etc.

Vitamin D, Deep sleep & Gut Bacteria w/ Dr. Stasha Gominak

1 hour and 25 mins.  It kind of rambles as she feels her way through her 

discovery but I find it really interesting.

My theoretical explorations about angiogenisis causes;

  • Maybe we are holding onto pain and those blood vessels change?  Perhaps we abandon something inside us and heavy metals are the result?  Then the heavy metals or the DNA dis-regulation causes us to not be able to hear and respond to the command to clear the blood vessels, clean the area, remove the problems.  
  • Perhaps were over-use our brains, nerves, etc. or they have viruses in them and the signal to regulate them gets cut?
  • Perhaps our microbiome helps to regulate things and when the heart & metabolism slow down the body creates infection etc. and we end up on antibiotics.

Imuno and how we might understand it a bit more

Chondroitin Sulfate in imuno is more than capable of supplying the usable sulfate ions, (not necessarily the metabolic enzyme itself. )  A see it at


Autism is the deficiency in a key detoxification pathway that needs sulfur

Autism is the deficiency in a key detoxification pathway that needs sulfur

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How other people use imuno



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